Allen Iverson Talks Philly Style, Kicks, Fans (VIDEO)

Last month, we broke news of the latest Reebok x VILLA sneaker collaboration, a joint effort dubbed “A Day in Philly” that was inspired by the one and only Allen Iverson.

Of course, the sneaker couldn’t have come to fruition without AI’s blessing. So VILLA tracked down Iverson and picked his brain during a sitdown interview about everything from the city of Philadelphia, to his love of jewelry and fashion, to the famed “Club Friday’s” tradition he started back in the day. He even reveals the genesis story for his expensive taste in cars.

“I think I was like 21,” says Iverson, “and I had a teammate, Derrick Coleman. He pulled up in a Bentley at practice. I asked him what kind of car it was. He was like, Nah, this ain’t no car lil’ man, this a automobile.”

The Reebok Pump-Question hybrid will hit retail in extremely limited numbers as part of VILLA’s #ThePerfectWeek. For Iverson fans, the sneaker is yet another reminder of the mutual love shared with The Answer.

“I love waking up being me,” he says at one point in the video above. “And I love the way my fans, and my family and my friends accept me being me. I love them for that. If I could come back in the next lifetime, I’d want to come back AI.”

AI Forever.