Brandon Boston Is a BABY-FACED KILLA 💀

by February 22, 2019

Brandon Boston may still have a baby face, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a savage on the court. The 6-7 shooting guard sports a smooth stroke and efficient playing style that should translate well to the next level.

The 2020 guard has a diligent workout routine, so we trekked out to Atlanta, GA, to catalogue it all. From 5 a.m. workouts, to his shoe game and lifestyle, we capture it all.

Boston’s strength coach, Rahman Grayson, who has worked with Jaylen Brown and Malik Beasley, calls 5 a.m. “the hour of champions” as he works with Boston to maintain his strength over the season.

Boston is humble, but his competitive nature shines through.

“Nobody can stop someone that’s longer than them, taller than them, and can dribble the ball,” Boston said. “I need that No. 1 spot.”