Fat Joe Says Mike Bibby Once Choked Him Out Over Sneakers

Former NBA player and Jordan Brand endorser Mike Bibby is well-known for having an expansive and exclusive sneaker collection, highlighted by a series of extremely limited Jordan PEs. In the sneakerhead community, Bibby’s PEs—like those made for Ray Allen and a few others—are often considered some of the most valuable and sought-after shoes in existence.

With that in mind, rapper Fat Joe told Sole Collector during a Facebook Live interview yesterday that he once visited Bibby’s family compound in Phoenix in hopes of scoring some exclusive kicks. Over the years, the two had formed a friendship, bonding over a shared love for sneakers.

“Mike Bibby’s my brother, he’s been my brother for 15 years,” Fat Joe says. “Nobody’s got more sneakers than Mike Bibby. That’s a fact. Mike Bibby has a house for sneakers. Fuck a room. A full fuckin’ house. A guest house. It’s just disgusting.”

According to Joe, though, when he showed up at Bibby’s house and started plucking shoes out of his collection, things got physical.

“Mike Bibby literally yoked me up,” says Fat Joe. “I think he had a drink or two that day, and he don’t really drink like that.”

Joe continues: “He’s been inviting me to his house for 15 years, and I when I go up in there, you know how we do, I’m coming in there with the duffel bag.”

Once Bibby noticed what Joe was doing—grabbing the best exclusives in his collection, including 1-of-1s like his Jordan IXs and some PEs from his Grizzlies days, he allegedly put Fat Joe in a headlock, before following him to his car and snatching back a bag full of shoes.

Eventually Bibby and Joe cleared the air, and they remain friends to this day, although looking back on the situation, Joe still jokes that “Mike Bibby is like a Indian giver.”

Watch the full interview below, via our friends over at SC:

Photo via Getty Images