Jerry Buss Remembered By Los Angeles Lakers Legends (VIDEO)

by February 22, 2013

Several Lakers legends eulogized Dr. Jerry Buss yesterday during a wonderful and quirky ceremony in Los Angeles. Per the LA Times: “The stage was filled with flowers and gold. The audience was filled with short skirts and diamonds. Davis Gaines elegantly sang ‘Music of the Night,’ while, on the screen behind him, there appeared a photo of Jerry and Jimmy Buss crooning karaoke. Several members of the USC marching band played ‘Amazing Grace,’ but they did so while wearing their sunglasses. The first song was from ‘Toy Story,’ the last song was from Sinatra, and in between, the stage flashed photos of Jerry Buss hanging out with his grandchildren, his buddy Hugh Hefner, and his poker chips. Phil Jackson threw a barb at Jerry West. Kobe Bryant popped a jab at Phil Jackson. Shaquille O’Neal took a shot at himself. And, of course, the wonderfully quirky memorial service Thursday for the wonderfully quirky Lakers owner would not have been complete without someone who was nearly a memorial crasher. His name was Greg Tomlinson, he is a friend of Jim Buss, and he was an extremely late addition to the program, thus surprising many of the estimated 3,500 mourners at the private Nokia Theatre event by jumping up on the stage before guys like David Stern, Bryant and Magic Johnson.”