Pizza Hut Makes Sneakers That Can Order Pizza

by March 01, 2017
Pie Tops

Sneakers have been on the rise lately. Nike brought self-lacing technology to life and adidas made a sneaker out of recycled plastic that would’ve otherwise gotten tossed in the ocean.

But with the help of Grant Hill, Pizza Hut has met the frontier of sneaker design–shoes that order food for you.

The “Pie Tops” use geolocation technology to send a notification to the Pie Tops app, not the Pizza Hut app, to get the wearer some ‘za. The catch is only 64 pairs were created, matching with the field of 64 teams that will be participating in the upcoming NCAA tournament. Each pair was handmade by the Shoe Surgeon.

The sneakers aren’t releasing to retail. But our friends from Pizza Hut stopped by the SLAM offices on Monday and we got the chance to test out the technology—with delicious results. Check it out:

h/t AdWeek