Stalley’s ‘Ball’ is a Cavaliers Fan’s Anthem (VIDEO)

by April 27, 2016

We’ve been rocking with Stalley for a minute now, so when he sent over his new video for “Ball,” we knew we just had to share it. The MMG x BCG rapper came up with the concept for this track during last year’s Finals, watching his hometown Cavaliers take on the Warriors without Kyrie Irving. Now fully healthy, the Cavs look like an unstoppable force in the Eastern Conference, with visions of lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy when it’s all said and done. Thanks to Stalley, Cavs fans now have an official anthem to blast all the way to the Finals.

“Chevy swervin’, cuttin’ through the lane, Kyrie Irving,” raps Stalley, “all these haters like the ’85 Celtics vs. the Lakers.” Listen closely, and you’ll hear references to the likes of Jamal Crawford, Chris Paul, John Wall, Oscar Robertson, Ben Wallace, Bill Russell, even MJ’s flu game. But first and foremost, Stalley is putting on for Cleveland. After all, he’s been “a Cavalier since Larry Nance and Mark Price.”

Peep the video above and follow @Stalley on Twitter.