Stephen Curry Says Grapes Were Thrown at Seahawks Fans in Self-Defense (VIDEO)

Seattle Seahawks fans were talking crazy as they watched their team pummel the Carolina Panthers 31-17 in the NFL Divisional Playoffs this past Saturday.

Stephen Curry, a long-time Panthers supporter, attended the game with his family along with Golden State Warriors teammate Draymond Green.

Having grown tired of the verbal abuse, Green threw grapes at the bothersome Seahawks fans from the safety of a luxury suite:

Curry says they were simply defending themselves.

Per CSN Bay Area:

“That was a fun little scene, I guess you’d call it,” is the way Curry, a Panthers fan, described it after Warriors practice Monday.


“It was right after the pick-six, when they kind of opened up the game, there was this one fan that kind of lost his mind for a second. And we defended ourselves. And Draymond, the only ammo he has was, I think it was grapes … so he’s Draymond on and off the court.”


“My mom is … she kept her composure for the most part because what the fan was doing was ridiculous and unacceptable,” Curry said. “How it all unfolded was really unnecessary. But nobody is going to just let somebody disrespect them. We’re not going to get into a fight or anything like that but they had to say what they had to say and move on.”