Video: Facebook, You have one NCAA Violation

by April 14, 2009

John Wall is officially bigger than college basketball.

Forget the fact that Wall might declare for the NBA Draft this week, he (indirectly) tangled the NCAA in its own web of regulations. “John Wall PLEASE come to NC STATE!!!!” was the rule-infringing Facebook group that had cease and desist fired at it by NC State athletic officials.

The group was forced to change its name and now it operates under the alias of “Bring a National Title back to NC STATE!” Check out the group. It’s a lifeless wasteland of whitespace, steamrolled by the uninformed. The student could have fought it, but choose not to get into a legal battle with the sporting juggernaut after it threatened “further action” if he failed to comply.

Can the NCAA be happy now? One is down, but what about the 10-20 others, all dedicated to Wall, all from different universities? More cease and desists must be issued. Oh, and don’t forget Lance Stephenson’s hundreds of fans too. Free speech needs to be curtailed. What about the 100 other groups in football? Better hire a Facebook policing staff.

Public universities may find themselves in a tricky situation. The NCAA can impose rules on its member colleges. But universities can’t enforce them if it means punishing students for expressing an opinion. The dark irony is the kids in the group weren’t trying to recruit Wall. The focus is way off. What’s the NCAA’s answer when real recruiting violations like this are becoming more common?

After this headache, the only Facebook group John Wall will be paying attention to is “John Wall PLEASE come to the NBA!!!”