Video: Indiana Pacers Get Into ‘Verbal Confrontation’ at an Orlando Nightclub

by May 04, 2012

The Indiana Pacers have seized control of their first round Playoff series against the Magic, which might have left Orlando’s citizens feeling more than a little salty. Things became heated between some Pacers players and club-goers, and the team released a statement confirming the incident. From the Indy Star: “About 2:45 a.m. this morning, Miami police reportedly responded to Club 23, where a small crowd had gathered around Danny Granger and Kyrylo Fesenko. The incident began when at least one club-goer accused Kyrylo Fesenko of ‘bumping into him,’ TMZ reports. The man apparently began yelling at Fesenko, who began to walk away when a mob formed around him and began to yell. At that point, Pacers teammate Danny Granger charged toward the gathered crowd, but Granger’s friends held him back, TMZ reports. TMZ posted what appears to be a cell phone video showing the entire incident. The incident fizzled shortly after a police bike patrol arrived and the Pacers walked away. The Star is seeking comment from the Pacers, but WXIN (Channel 59) said the team released the following statement: ‘Our players were provoked into a verbal confrontation and ended up walking away from the confrontation. To make something more out of this than what it was is ludicrous.'”