WATCH: Top 10 Career Plays of Shaq, Yao and Iverson

It’s been a little bit of time since we’ve seen Shaquille O’Neal, Yao Ming and Allen Iverson in their primes. We remember Shaq for all the bodies he caught back in the day. In the video above, he gets Alonzo Mourning, David Robinson, Shawn Bradley and Gheroghe Muresan. Quick math tells us that’s a lot of tall dudes to be dunking on.

Yao used to get huge dunks, too. Watch the video to see Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutumbo get posterized.

Marcus Camby can attest to how high Allen Iverson used to jump, but damn, AI could dribble. Can somebody go check on Antonio Daniels’ knees and ankles, please?

Watch the video up top to see the best of the best from the new Hall of Famers.

Video courtesy of NBA