Diana Taurasi: WNBA Players Need To Be Willing To Strike for Higher Pay

by July 16, 2018

Mercury guard Diana Taurasi says WNBA players need to be “willing to lose everything” in the upcoming collective bargaining negotiations.

On Friday, Taurasi suggested that players may have to strike in order to get higher pay (via The UConn Blog).

Do you think the WNBA will ever get a better pay scale?

Taurasi: “Not until we take drastic measures as players. […] We got an opportunity to really look at ourselves in the mirror with the [previous CBA negotiations].

“Instead we folded and we got scared. We didn’t want to mention the word ‘strike’ or ‘pay raise’ or anything that came with losing your job.

“Last time I checked, the NBA has had a strike. The NHL has had a strike. And they have millions to lose. So if we’re not willing to lose everything as players, we really don’t have much to gain.”

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