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NCAA Title Live Blog!

The limelight always begets the highlights.

by Ryne Nelson

A game’s more than a game if your mother will watch.

Rest assured, more moms will tune-in to the 2010 NCAA Championship game than they did during the 2009 NBA Finals combined. Nothing against the L’s two-month post-season, but tonight’s game isn’t just about basketball.

You understand how the NCAA Tournament works. Rarely do the nation’s two best teams survive to the title match. It bears no resemblance to the oft-maligned college football BCS system, where a mid-major program like Butler would never have a chance to rise.

College basketball’s relevant to everyone because of the bracket setup. To change the format would be a high crime in the sporting world. Only in college basketball can a peach fuzzed former tennis player and a group of non-heralded, undersized, non-athletic players will their way past the game’s most storied programs and coaches.

Only in March (and part of April), can a small school continually play the role of David, throwing damn stones dead-on at the opponent’s third eye. Only in the NCAA Tournament can belief trump talent.

Duke has the more talented team. They’re far better. But that’s not what the NCAA Tournament does. It creates hope and engenders dreams. Butler’s been feeling it. That’s why we believe they stand a chance.

And if that sounds too lofty and poetic for a ‘simple’ basketball game, that’s cool. Just remember that’s why your mom will be watching…

No. 5 Butler vs. No. 1 Duke

– Senior forward Matt Howard will be back in the starting lineup for Butler after sustaining a concussion in the second half of Saturday’s Final Four match against Michigan State. Another severe concussion tonight could be fatal. But you can’t put in four seasons of hard work only to watch your team play in the title game, can you?

– The spread is somewhere around Duke -7 points. If I was a betting man, the Blue Devils get my easy money.

– Duke has better shooters, scorers and rebounders. They dwarf Butler in size and they’re much more experienced. They’re basically superior in every statistic… and that’s exactly what Butler wants to feed off of.

– Butler’s starters all pat the Bulldog on the head. It’s nothing new — the team does this before every home game.
— Jon Scheyer gets the loudest ovation of any Duke player. No question a lot of fans from Northbrook, IL have made the three-hour car ride to Indy.


– Howard already playing with more aggression than he did against MSU. Just watch that head, homie.
— A Singler/Hayward matchup is too good to be true. Hayward’s guarding the 7-1, 260-pound Zoubek on defense.

– Scheyer’s great hustle leads to block on Willie Veasley on the fast break. Who knew he had those wheels in transition? Dude’s 100 percent focused straight away. Anything on defense is an absolute bonus for the Devils.

– Shelvin Mack can play with the best of ‘em. Man has been lava from outside and aggressive at the cup. He could be Butler’s MVP (of this game, at least) if they pull off the win.

– Hayward scores his first field goal off a tip with 13 minutes remaining in the first half. The entire stadium erupts, hoping this guy catches a rhythm.

– Butler puts together a mini run, which Duke cools almost immediately. The Bulldogs haven’t found a way to stop the Devils from scoring. Can they?

– And Howard quickly reverts back to the layup, non-boxing out player we saw in the previous game. It’s not a big deal considering Mack’s Attacking (and scoring).

– Much as it seems like Butler has momentum with about 8 minutes remaining in the first half, remember they’re only up 2 points and Duke’s been missing wide open shots. Timeout well worth it for Coach K & Co.

– Duke’s doing exactly what they should — take it inside and draw fouls. I kills Butler momentum, racks up fouls, and might force the Bulldogs to go to their shallow bench.

- Duke’s made 9-14 from within the stripe. Seems like that’s the way to attack: just shoot everything in the paint!

– Two of Duke’s Big 3 have shown up tonight. Nolan Smith is looking like Casper on the court so far.

– Avery Jukes with an unexpected 10 points, include two threes. He’s connected twice from the outside in only two games this season.

– Let’s see if Coach Ks halftime adjustments allow Duke to go on their usual second half run. Then again, the stars seem to be aligning for Butler. Brad Stevens seems to know what’s coming. After all, he read The Gold Standard this past summer.


– The refs will not be called biased. Duke’ hasn’t gotten a single call with almost two minutes gone.

– As Hayward says, Ronald Nored always finds the perfect moment to son on the opponent… or turn the ball over.

– Howard picks up his fourth foul with 14 left in the game. He’s trying to play aggressive, but he’s clearly a step slower than the Duke bigs. Real rough game for the ‘stache.

– On the other hand, Butler’s played better without Howard. The main guys seem to be getting to the hole with Zoubek wandering.

– Hayward’s having his worst offensive game of the tournament, and Butler’s sill one short run away from taking the lead. Watch out for the late push from the young Dogs!

– Safe to say Zoubek will be sitting for a while in his last college basketball game. Miles Plumlee needs to man the %@# up right now.

– Then again, I said Duke -7 was easy money. Zoubek’s back in, testing his luck with one foul remaining to his name.

– Butler is missing too many bunnies and Hayward isn’t stepping up. This might haunt them down the stretch.

– Lance Thomas give Hayward a hard foul on the way to the rack. How about Butler flips it — let’s see a BU Bad Boy hard foul? Heck, they should’ve done it earlier in the game, no?

– How is Butler ice cold and still in the game? They’re drawing fouls and getting to the line (11 more FTs than Duke so far this half).

– Butler needs Gordon Hayward Matt Howard to step up now!

– Whatever the outcome, props to Butler for defying all odds. Fantastic game — instant classic without question.

– Zoubek, a 55 percent FT shooter hits 1-2 from the line. Hayward boards and has entirely too much time to get off a make-able shot. His last second heave from half court just rims out.

– If Hayward made that shot, at least 100 seats would’ve been torn out of the floor. And that Howard screen at half court was a crusher!

– Singler wins the MOP. Well-deserved. Dude was a complete monster — 100 percent focused every possession of every game.

– Butler almost pulled off the biggest upset in college basketball history. This truly was Butler’s game to win and they couldn’t get it — wasn’t meant to be. The guys in Durham prevail again.

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  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Go Butler, go Gordon Hayward. If Butler wins it’ll be something like 67-65, if Duke wins we could be looking at 79-62. Bulldogs gotta be perfect. And should Matt Howard just start the game with 2 fouls and get it over with?

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    If singler, smith, and scheyer score at least 17 apiece, this thing is over. I believe this game is over from the get but that is just by looking at these teams on paper. Zoubek is going to cause some problems if Matt isn’t 100 percent.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Zoubek is gonna cause problems full stop.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Zoubek can make this game easy for Duke. Butler’s gameplan is to pressure the Big 3 on the outside. If Zoubek is playing, Butler’s going to have to double him and leave a man open on the outside.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Having said all that, no team is better equipped to slow the PERIMETER big three than Butler, right? I mean, given how Mack/Norad etc have played defensively in the tournament.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Why do they take Zoubek out so early? Are the brothers Plumlee telepathic on court?

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    I like Mason Plumlee on Hayward. He’s not much on O for now, but he’s frustrating Gordon… and that counts for a lot.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    Is it me or does the color commentator kind of sound like the white version of Scoop Jackson

  • onehipdad

    I’m in Eskisehir Turkey watching on p2p4u.net – great feed with no buffering or interrupts like CBSsportsline.com Had to get up at 4am but wide awake now. SOS – Duke gets close calls, Butler can’t draw fouls.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Unacceptable that Hayward has taken only two shots. Jon Scheyer has a punchable face.

  • amck NY

    It appears as it always does Duke seems to be getting away with murder

  • http://www.innoutnba.com Lucas Shapiro

    7 unanswered by the Bulldogs!

  • Mitya

    don’t follow college ball at all… either of these teams have projected top 10 draft picks?

  • Mitya

    don’t follow college ball at all… either of these teams have projected top 10 draft picks?
    oh and for all you watching online – veetle.com is the site to go

  • http://www.innoutnba.com Lucas Shapiro

    Nolan Smith knows how to silence a crowd… HOW BOUT JUKES??

  • Mitya

    great game by the way, I’m rooting for the underdog… don’t like coach K

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Jukes Duke. And Nolan Smith is Brevin Knights long lost son, looks-wise.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    @Mitya. Unless Hayward goes ham on everyone next season, I there’s no top 10 pick in this game.

  • Mitya

    The former tennis player, right? He does look like he belongs on the ATP Tour… the next Mike Miller? Looks like Butler might pull it off

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Possible classic shaping up…

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Back and forth scoring. Singler killing it.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Refs desperate not to call any fouls on Duke. Waiting for the 2nd and 3rd hacks every time.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Yeah, before Hayward grew nearly a foot in HS, he was a pretty devoted tennis player. He’s got some Mike Miller and Manu Ginobili in him, but probably not as good as either… yet.

  • smith IL

    Toss Thomas. Flagrant is flagrant

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Heck yeah go Butler! Here they come, Butler by 1 is my bid.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Hayward will sink two from the line for the win.

  • smith IL

    c’mon Butler, two!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    Damn that was close

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ


  • http://www.djpatlok.com pl

    Hayward almost hit the biggest make in NCAA history – perhaps in basketball history. (I guess Jerry West hit a similar one?)

    <3 for Butler. Zoubek is a 7’1″ nancy boy.

  • Ace


  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Did they broadcast One Shining Moment on the big screen? A highlight of my F4 visits…

  • http://dgcoursereview.com Bro D.

    So, white guys with ‘staches aren’t allowed to be physical anymore? When did that rule come about?

    Clark Kellogg makes Reggie Miller look like Hubie Brown, he’s that bad.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Nice game! Well the read up was pleasant – looking for the replay on ONE HD this week! Oh and that Jon Scheyer guy will be my favourite player in the NBA, times well with his arrival and Steve Nash’s exist (but hopefully he’s around for a few more seasons yet).
    GO DUKE.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/san-dova-speak-easy/ San Dova

    I like Duke winning, but would’ve LOVED Butler having the title. Kyle Singler’s still average (though he played reasonably well), Nolan Smith is probably going to be a late first-round pick, and I like Scheyer’s chances as a pro, as well as Brian Zoubek becoming the next Iakovos Tsakalidis. I just want to see more Miles Plumlee next year.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Thought Singler was great today, I could see him as a 9th guy on a roster. He’s rangy and can shoot, obviously. Dacre, mentioning Scheyer and Nash in the same sentence is wrong. Very different players. Don’t fall for the whole skin colour thing. Zoubek could make it as a 4th rotation big man… and the Brothers Plumlee will both start next season I’d guess.

    What about Shelvin Mack? I like him better than Nolan Smith (and many others) but he doesn’t seem to get much draft hype though. Thoughts?

  • http://espn.com PittFan

    Wow what a joke. Duke should not be called Champions. Its amazing how most people just see things at face value. The referees influenced the outcome of that game so much it is a sin. Butler would have won that game by 10 points if the game was called fairly. That charge call against Heyward was a disgrace and clearly a foul on Scheyer.

    The NCAA did everything in their power to make sure Duke won. Not one chippy foul was called on Duke the whole game. Yet Butler had countless chippy (BS) calls throughout the game. They talked before the game like Duke was this powerhouse. Give me a break, they couldn’t even win without the help of the referees. The funny thing is they didn’t even deserve to be in the Final Four because the same crap happened against Baylor with the referees. If that game was called fairly Baylor would have won by more than 10 points. The game that Duke deserved to win was against West Virginia but the Baylor game and the Butler game was a gift from the referees and the NCAA. The NCAA and the media makes a lot more money with Duke winning the title. So they made sure it happened.

    I did not dislike Duke before this tournament so don’t think I am writing this because I am a North Carolina fan. Nope… I like Pittsburgh so this opinion is unbiased. I am shocked at the injustice that went on here in this tournament. I also agree with what Tim Donaghy said that Basketball is the easiest sport to fix because of how much control over the game the referees have.

  • SylVain

    Im tired of people commenting on basketball and they have no idea of the game. Duke played hard and won the game fair and square. Butler had a stretch where they didnt make any field goals and they were still in the game at the end. Singler, Smith, and Scheyer are NBA potential, but Duke will be better next year with the crop of talent they have coming in next year. Seth Curry, brother of Stephon Curry, averaged 20 a game as a freshman. Watch out! They have a couple Mcdonald’s coming in as well. Butler is great team and they’re gonna be back next year. The coach is great, hope he doesnt leave for a bigger school.

  • http://espn.com PittFan

    As for my basketball knowledge, are you serious? If I didn’t have basketball knowledge I wouldn’t even have noticed the stuff that went on. If the referees called the game fairly Butler would have won by 10 or more. If the referees called the Baylor game fairly, Duke wouldn’t even have made the Final Four. As for Butler’s stretch, Duke hacked them a couple times during that stretch, only to be left uncalled like pretty much the entire game. I specifically remember a hack on Hayward. The game went to a commercial break, and when it came back I expected Hayward to be at the Free Throw line. Nope the referees instead pulled a bogus jump ball out of thin air. The calling of the game was a disgrace all around and a pathetic display integrity by the officials. That charge call on Heyward was one of the most important plays of the game and one of the worst calls in the history of basketball. Here was another one, with 40 seconds left, Zoubek literally threw down Howard with 1 arm going for a rebound. Should have been his 5th foul, and Howard should have been shooting 2 free throws to tie the game or go up by 1 if he hit both. But, of course no call. I can go on and on, watch the game again not as a Duke fan, but as an unbiased basketball fan. The game was a disgrace.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    @ Pittfan…how in the world did Butler stay in the game without scoring for like 6 or 7 minutes straight if the refs as biased as you say they were? They were shooting free throws almost every posession during that stretch, in fact, Butler shot more freethrows than Duke did inthe game as a whole as well. The refs botched that charge, but it wasn’t an earth shatering terrible call. I thought it was a legit charge until I saw the replay, a luxury that refs don’t get on calls like that. his feet were set before Hayward jumped, the defender just leaned a little, it was a very easy call to miss, that stuff happens all the time no matter who is playing. The refs let both teams play and it was a very physical hard fought game. You sound like a major homer fan when you rant like that.

  • lupe the dupe

    @PittFan – you are 100% correct and it is amazing how people can just sit there unconsciously watching the game and not see “between the lines” It is horrible, they (ESPN, CBS, NCAA, etc.) milk duke like a baby. They got a ton of breaks, as they always do. They hadn’t been to a final four in a few years, play one of the worst teams ever to be in a final due to many heavyweights being knocked out and today is talked about as a living legend and 2nd greatest coach of all time, blah blah blah. Yeah right, nobody that isn’t sitting in front of a TV camera and acting like a damn puppet feels that way. His teams win, but 2nd greatest of all time??? Damn people please stop acting like sheep.

  • http://espn.com PittFan

    Tell me one call that Butler got that was unfair or biased? I can name at least 5 called against Butler.

    1. The Charge (Scheyer was moving, he was not set, no replay was necessary to see that)

    2. The throw down by Zoubek at the end of the game that would have been his 5th foul and would have let Butler tie the game or go ahead with free throws

    3. The NBA continuation and 1 they let Scheyer have for a 3 point play (the foul clearly occurred on the floor and they gave him the basket. That shot would not even be allowed occasionally in the NBA)

    4. The travel down the lane they let go by Singler (He took a huge jump stop then took 2 steps and got a lay-up, it was an obvious travel)

    5. The jump ball the refs called when Hayward was clearly hacked twice (After the commercial I expected him at the line, as did everyone else, and they pulled a jump ball call out of thin air)

    That’s 5 off the top of my head. There were more.

    Why do you think Brad Stevens didn’t congratulate Duke when he was interviewed, it’s because Butler got screwed.

    Considering Butler played against not only Duke, but also against the referees, it is a miracle that they kept it as close as they did.

  • http://twitter.com/PDXGayBBall dma

    I hate Clark Kellogg. That is all. Both teams played hard.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Dude, that was happening all game for both teams. The refs completely swallowed thier whistles. They let both teams get away with alot. You’re just regurgitating the same speculations over and over. Sheyer’s feet were set before Hayward jumped, look at the replay, he only leaned his body in. It was an incorrect call, but an easy call to mess up when you don’t have a replay to look at. @ Lupe, if you’re trying to say the coach K isn’t a GREAT coach you better check your facts son. He’s one of the best college coaches period. I’m not saying he’s 2nd or 3rd or anything, but he’s a damn good coach. Ya’ll are both haters…Typical for haters like you to dismiss games like this by saying it was bad reffing that won the game. I don’t think that Duke was necessarily the best team in the tournament, but luck would have it that many other powerhouses got knocked out, that’s just how the NCAA tourney works. Luck is a huge factor.

  • http://espn.com PittFan

    @ Lupe, Great Post. @ wayno, I asked you to name just one noticeable unfair call against Duke. You didn’t, so I will assume you can’t think of any when I came up with 5 off the top of my head. It’s one thing to win a championship, what I find wrong about this one is that it was a gift from the NCAA and the refs. Fact is Duke winning makes the NCAA more money it’s that simple. So why wouldn’t they want them to win and do everything they can to make it happen. The Final should have been Baylor and Butler. Now what would the NCAA have thought of those ratings? They would have been crying all year long. I am not a hater, I was just disappointed that the team that deserved to win did not.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com TADOne

    Jon Scheyer has a face I would love to punch.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib Michael NZ

    TAD, see my Apr.5 at 9:59 pm post…

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    That’s because I said the reffing was even…they let alot of stuff go on both sides, it was very physical…I thought I said that a couple times now…I also debunked one of the bad calls you cited. It was even for the most part though. I watched the game with someone who hates Duke and is a ref and he noted many times that the refs let alot of stuff go, but it was very even. This guy played for Coach Huggins at Cincinati and he really wanted Duke to lose…

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib Michael NZ

    I think there were some bizarre calls made in Dukes favor – most of which are pointed out by PittFan. Yet ultimately they deserved to win. Why? Because thats they way it goes, its never going to be a perfect 50/50 split. They called it physical – Butler got away with some, Duke got away with some. I don’t believe the refs set out to give Duke some kind of advantage. No way. It was a great game that could have been The Greatest Ever if the last shot went down. I only wish it did.

  • Mitch

    that tip in scheyer had after that inbounds with 1 second on the shot clock was offensive interference too. the ball was over the rim, but just because it was on the backboard the refs let it go…

    if this has already been talked about, i apologize for not seeing it yet

  • Frank

    This crap about the refs being for Duke is ridiculous. Will you give me a FREAKING BREAK. I’m so sick of whining Duke haters pointing to ONE or TWO calls to prove their conspiracy theories. I’ve got news, folks – Hayward TRAVELED!! It should not have been a charge, because he TRAVELED!! Three huge, obvious steps and they didn’t call it. So, yes, the refs made the wrong call, but not because it was a block on Scheyer. As far as Singler’s drive, it sure didn’t look like traveling to me, but I don’t have the video. Anyways, that’s irrelevant. You cannot point to one or two calls to prove that a team got screwed. There are things happening literally every SECOND in a game, and many of them are never called – illegal screens, carrying, traveling, no-calls that should be fouls, etc. Sometimes there are fouls that should be no-calls. The point is that the refs do the best job they can and there are always at least a couple of bad calls for each team. I could sit at home all day and find all the bad calls or non-calls that went against Duke to prove that Butler had the home cooking. It’s stupid.

  • Frank

    Scheyer’s 3 point play was not an “NBA continuation”. God, learn the game. Please. What about Singler’s traveling call, which really could have been Howard’s 5th foul? You think they’re going to call Howard’s 5th foul in that situation? I didn’t think so. Does that mean the refs were for Butler? You want some cheese with that whine? If you want to complain, why don’t you complain about Howard’s 4 or 5 misses from 3 feet away? Why don’t you ask Butler why they shot 34.5% from the field? Oh, I forgot – they were fouled on every shot. Why don’t you ask Hayward why he was 2 for 11 (2 for 10 if you discount the half court heave.) Fouled on every shot, I’m sure. “Butler would have won by 10?” Butler should just be happy that Duke had a mediocre game and they even had a chance. “Thomas’s flagrant”? He reached in for the ball, nothing more. Contrary to the current wussy approach that some refs and observers take, thinking every hard foul should be a flagrant and the guy should be suspended for a year, sometimes it’s just a good hard foul. Do us a favor. Grow a pair and stop whining.

  • http://espn.com PittFan

    Like I said in the previous posts they shouldn’t even have made the Final Four. The Baylor game was a joke and so was this one. I made my points and other people agreed and the Duke fans didn’t what a surprise. I wasn’t a Duke hater until I saw what went on in that game and the Baylor game. I heard people say Duke gets calls in the past and never looked for it until the Baylor game. Yes Baylor would have won that game by 10 or more points. As for the Butler game they should have also won by 10. You don’t think the way the game was officiated affected the mindset of the Butler players. Of course it did. They were playing against Duke and the referees. I don’t care what any Duke fan says they did not deserve this National Championship.

  • Frank

    You’re so full of crap it’s not even funny. Butler shot MORE FOUL SHOTS than Duke and they shot THIRTY FIVE FREAKING PERCENT from the field! How is that an indictment of favoritism for Duke? Explain that, because I’m really curious. As far as Baylor, Duke shot more free throws, but Baylor only shot 63% from the line. If you want to complain about Duke getting calls in that game, fine. I don’t have the video and I’m not going to watch it again. But I did watch the whole game live and I think you’re wrong. What I remember happening, and I have watched basketball almost my whole life and think I know a thing or two, is that Duke finally started to take care of the ball in the second half instead of constantly turning it over. They played very smart basketball in the second half. Baylor, on the other hand, decided to ignore the fact that they were more athletic and settled for a lot of outside shots, often with a lot of time on the shot clock. It’s not Duke’s fault that Baylor played stupid ball. By the way, here are a few more stats. Duke made 11 3s, shooting almost 48% from long range. They shot a poor overall % but they were lighting it up from outside. Baylor only shot 5 for 18 from outside and was out-rebounded by 6. Instead of just blaming the refs, which is the easy thing to do, try looking a little closer at the game and you’ll see that there are usually numerous reasons why a team loses a game that have nothing to do with the officiating. Baylor is a very athletic team that was rather lacking in basketball IQ in the second half, in my opinion. Their 3 point % was bad, their free throw shooting was mediocre, they were out-rebounded, and they were way too complacent in their shot selection.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Pittfan’s baseless claims – 0 Frank – 3…done and done…

  • http://espn.com PittFan

    I don’t agree and I watched both games as a basketball fan. I made my points and stand behind every point I made. I don’t think Duke should have beat either team if the games were officiated properly. Its easy to look at statistics and think that tells the entire story. Officiating can absolutely control the outcome of a game. Part of what officiating can also do is affect the confidence of players and the flow of a game. It takes an open mind to read between the lines and see that there is stuff that goes on sometimes that players and coaches have no control over. I will leave it there.

  • FoCo

    First I just love how every Duke hater starts off by mentioning how they 1. totally liked or we’re impartial before the game 2. weren’t a fan of Duke’s actual opponent but some other team with no rooting interest and 3. are definitely not UNC fans.
    Second its obvious none of the people always harping on the officiating have any idea how difficult of a job it is and not to mention thankless. I would like to see any of them ref or ump a game sometime.

  • Frank

    Statistics tell a whole lot more of the story than a couple of calls that might have been wrong, although I don’t even agree with the “bad calls” that you pointed out earlier. Your argument holds no logic whatsoever. If the officials were so bound and determined to have Duke win, would they really have let it come down to a Hayward 15 footer with 5 seconds left, which could have won the game? Would they have let it come down to an open runner from 45 feet that almost went in and could have won it for Butler? I’m sorry, but the whole thing is BS. Why is it that nobody says a thing when Duke destroys somebody, but if they win a close game, and it was all rigged? Rather selective indignation, I think.

  • Frank

    Correction – Why is it that when they win a close game, it was all rigged?