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Top Prospect Barton Ruled Ineligible

Bad news for the Memphis signee. The Commercial Appeal has the details: “University of Memphis basketball players were informed before Wednesday night’s practice that freshman Will Barton may not be academically eligible this season. Barton, a 6-6 wing who was the star of the Tigers’ recruiting class, will appeal to the NCAA for his eligibility…If he is not cleared to play this season, it is unlikely he will ever see the court for Memphis. Barton would have opportunities to play in Europe or the NBA Developmental League next season before entering the NBA draft next June. Barton, a Baltimore native, changed high schools twice before landing at Brewster Academy last season. College athletes who attend multiple high schools are at high risk to have their academic transcripts red-flagged. The issue with Barton, however, is believed to be about whether he completed high school within the NCAA-mandated eight semesters, graduating from Lake Clifton High in Baltimore last August instead of June. Those two months could cost Barton his college eligibility.”

Barton and his family haven’t issued a comment yet. But he did tweet this:

Will Barton Tweet

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  • Da Real

    Feel for bul. Fukz the NCAA. WHat he did don’t hurt nobody.

  • newzealanderinlondon

    Hmmm if managed correctly this guy will still end up making cake.

  • Kundai

    i feel bad but i suggest he goes euro over d league. better competition and money over there.

  • http://www.courtcred.com coop

    This is very unfortunate and Will Barton is a class act guy on and off the court. I hope he can weather this storm and come out on top because I like this guy.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    god damn this sucks for Barton. I was a big fan of his. Maybe he’ll pull a Jennings; he could very easily make the transition too I feel.

  • http://twitter.com/on_ray henry

    i wonder if the jump to europe is easier, or say smoother, for say a swingman as compared to a pg?

  • Hugh

    How much more does the city and fans of Memphis
    (U of M and Grizzlies) have to endure? It’s mind-boggling how much woe we’ve been through in the last couple of years. In just the last week along, we’ve had to suffer the loss of a Memphis Hoops icon (Lorenzen Wright) and now the loss of what, very likely, would have been another city hoops icon. It is my thought that Coach Pastner is too much of an up-and-up guy to have known Will Barton would NOT be eligible. We have a clearinghouse that is supposed to research and handle that aspect of recruiting and playing. From what is, and has been reported, the NCAA seems to inform and penalize us AFTER their “apparent” clearance of players. Unless I am wrong, how does such a high-profile college baskeball program, like the U of M, play the nation’s highest regarded and profiled player (Derrick Rose) all YEAR, and THEN rules he was ineligible for that season? I don’t understand that one. If the NCAA DOES govern, inform, and enforce the rules BEFOREHAND, like what has apparently happened with Will Barton, why didn’t this come up with Derrick Rose BEFORE HE was ALLOWED to play? It doesn’t make sense to me. Granted, it should be appreciated by the fans that this issue has come up BEFORE the season starts and we are forced to give up the magic this season promised. It’s just so disheartening to this, and other Memphis fans, to not be able to see this brilliant gem of a player (Barton) don the Tiger uniform and perform his captivating skills on the court. I certainly hope, probably to no avail, that the NCAA will reconsider their ruling. Otherwise, the best we can hope is that we will see Will Barton donning another Memphis uniform soon, namely the Grizzlies.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    The NCAA is like a freakin’ evil corporation, man. Yeah, a lot of coaches and kids aren’t innocent, but how you gonna punish a kid cause he took two extra months to graduate HS?!

  • kwame

    damn, my man wrote a novel ^^

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    If he got caught cheating or not taking his SAT or something I’d agree with the NCAA. But taking an extra two-months to finish doesn’t make sense to me. Does this mean summer-school isn’t allowed? As long as the kids are taking thier own classes, making the grades etc, let them be eligible. I’m not sure how this helps the NCAA but I do see how this hurts the kids. Starting off his tweet with “It don’t get no worse than this.” doesn’t help his case either though.

  • mally mall

    The ncaa pretty much said “oh heck no we won’t get derrick rosed twiced”. I hope they let him play man, he’s a pretty talented kid.

  • http://ijustwantmynametolookbig.com Chukaz

    dude somebody gotta take a stance against the ncaa. I would like to see a all the best hs kids sign wit the d league or go to europe just to stick it to the ncaa. with out these kids the ncaa got nuthin. u can’t play games with out these kids. I’d be cool wit em gettin paid to play college ball

  • rich

    he cant play because he did summer school. wow. lets punish them if they get a part time job or voulenteer while were at it

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  • mikey

    wow this is getting a little out of hand …

  • Gizzle


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