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Monta’s Signature Shoe Waits In The Wings

And1 has their yet-to-be-activated main man laced.

by Chris O’Leary

Monta Ellis may still have some time on the IR before his return, but when he’s able to come back, he’ll do it with something special on his feet.

One of four And1-sponsored players in the Association, Ellis was the first player the company turned to when they put together their Tribute Collection.

Ellis used some of his free time this season to help design the ME8: a shoe that pays tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With a love that runs deep for MLK, Ellis worked with And1 lead designer Sean O’Shea to come up with something ME8 Tributespecial for the company’s first-ever limited edition sneaker.

To mark Dr. King’s year of birth, there will only be 1929 pairs of these shoes made. The shoe will retail for $129.99 and will go on sale on Jan. 19—Dr. King’s birthday and Dr. King’s national day of observance.

The shoe will be available at the following spots across the U.S. (sorry everyone else—check eBay if you’re interested): New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Birmingham Alabama, Jackson Mississippi, Washington D.C. and Oakland.

With his status still up in the air, Ellis may not be able to wear the shoes on Jan. 19, when G-State hosts the Wizards. Fellow And 1 signees Rafer Alston and Marquis Daniels will wear specially themed shoes of their own on the 19th though, to commemorate Dr. King.

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  • Mendel

    what does mlk have to do with b-ball shoes and why would I pay 129 for mlk b-ball shoes

  • Mendel

    and it looks like Jordan Brand already made a shoe that looks like that

  • http://www.macleem.com Haneef (Macleem) Saleem

    This shoe looks very familiar in design (Hi, Nike). I do not see the connection between MLK and the NBA/Basketball in general. It is a nice marketing attempt under the disguise of recognizing a positive individual.
    AND1 would have been better off doing this in honor of Sweetwater. Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton was the first black player in the NBA.

    And $129 for sneakers…And1 sneakers at that?? Even if we weren’t in a recession the price is outrageous. They would have been better off trying these for under $100. (Hi, Starbury kicks)

  • Julius J. Hornswaggle IV

    Like the sentiment but Mendel is right about the Jordan look alike.

  • http://finishline.com aaron12

    I like the whole Martin Luther King Jr concept but im not gonna pay 130 for And1s!

  • minikidd

    u guys should try getting a pair of b-ball shoes in europe, then you understand how f*cking cheap 130 USD is….

  • donlaker

    130 is a lot i hope his speech is on the inside of the tounge i like monta but 130 for and 1 kiks is a bit much ..i guess mlk deserves to take someone to the hole they look like jordans crossed with chauncy’s shoe

  • that dude

    This is distasteful at best.

  • jason

    The Sole Collector Post says proceeds go to the MLK institute at Stanford.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    $129. Fu(k that, you want to do some good ish in MLK’s name, why not $29 ? Stop being so selfish

  • broyup

    I read they are givin some dough to some MLK foundation for each shoe sold. That deserves something. I’ll try em in the store to see if I like em.

  • Dre

    The shoe is designed nice but I prefer the original blue, white, and gold colorway.

  • Dre

    The price gimmick is terrible and a pathetic attempt at And1 to get paid.

  • rob stewart

    Actually MLK was born on Jan 15th and his holiday is celebrated on Jan 19th this year

  • niQ

    “the company’s first ever limited edition?” i don’t think that is corret. i remember when and one made limited edition “tai chi’s” that world only sold in certain places with certain colourways. for example: the Chicago Tai Chi’s were white/black and had chi-town written on the tongue

  • niQ

    wow.. sorry for the mass spelling mistakes… i meant to say…………….“the company’s first ever limited edition?” i don’t think that is correct. i remember when and1 made limited edition “tai chi’s” that were only sold in certain places with certain colourways. for example: the Chicago Tai Chi’s were white/black and had “chi-town” written on the tongue

  • Stevie R

    That is some hot garbage. Who is running And1 now. It is getting worse. They used to be cool. Now its nothing but a fake knock off brand.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Wow, so people are willing to spend $200 and over for a pair of overrated Nikes, but complain for $130 on MLK tribute shoes?

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  • foolio_iglesias

    Better get up on some protege jack ones.I mean captain jack-1′s.(sorry Ms. jack-son).

  • macky

    u guys are all lucky, here in canada its rare to get a decent pair of any kicks under 130 bucks, so when these show up here, theyll probly be around 175 and itll be more of a rip-off

  • kayzee

    I dont know bout hot garbage. Warm garbage maybe. But i give em props for donatin money to mlk institute and memorial foundation.

  • Cizzo

    I thought And 1′s maxxed out 29.99 at Famous Footwear or was taht Shoe Carnival either way trying to capitilze off a national holiday aint cool with all jokes aside Happy MLK DAy by the way.

  • don

    hell no for $130….

    i thought and1s cared about “us”