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Video: Kobe Bryant Explains the #KobeSystem to Celebrities

Success for the Successful.

Earlier this week we watched a host of celebrities—including Aziz Ansari, Jerry Rice, Landon Donovan, Kanye West, Hope Solo, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins, Leehom Wang, Richard Branson and Paul Rodriguez—vouch for the awesomeness of the Kobe System, and now we have Kobe himself explaining the purpose of the Kobe System to those big names. Directed by Jody Hill (co-creator and Executive Producer of HBO’s Eastbound and Down) and produced by Wieden + Kennedy, this spot (and the others) was shot in—where else?—Hollywood. “It’s fun to work with a group of very successful people and teach them how to reach new levels of success by using the #KobeSystem,” said Kobe Bryant in a Nike press release. “I’m teaching them how to go from the top, to over the top and I can honestly say I never expected to have this new career as a motivational leader.”

None of that should come as much of a surprise, considering Kobe went from the top to over the top just this week, dropping three consecutive 40+ point games and doing so with a terribly injured wrist. Learn more about the Kobe VII here, and be on the lookout for other spots from the “Success for the Successful” ad campaign.

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  • jdote

    best kobe commercial since… outplay the KOB, na son don’t try it..missy scorin points.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    …better than I expected it to be.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    They must have needed many “shots” to make this commercial.

  • http://bedotwater.bandcamp.com BE.water

    LOL, comedic commercial

  • http://bedotwater.bandcamp.com BE.water

    @ JTay… just caught that subliminal joke there. haha Classy.

  • Pancho

    full of illuminati symbolism

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @jdote…not even close fam…not even close.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    kobe was never really corny, but his commercials seem like they’re getting funnier and funnier…..

  • http://bedotwater.bandcamp.com BE.water

    His humor is sorta dry but Kobe is quite amusing in his commercials. Nike > Adidas commercials

  • Do Work

    kanye was hilarious at the end…”what if you’re REALLY successful” perfect line for him

  • Heals

    Much better than nike’s/his recent ones together. Just natural to me…

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Can we get Lebron on the Kobe system. LOL!!!

  • Yesse

    This commercial is kinda hilarous.

    I’m not really one of those conspiracy guys, but whats up with the triangles?

  • Chukaz

    The way Kobe’s been dropping 40+ points on the regular like he did when he was 27, they might have to do something with Spike Lee like Jordan did back in the day.

  • Chukaz

    Kanye’s line fits him like a glove. “What if you’re really successful?” lol and kobe’s line is great too “… you’re welcome” and it sounds like something he’d say like “ship his @$$ out”


    Kobe will get many more 40+ games this season. He is so amazing:-) The Clippers should thank him for this as they will finish higher than the Lakeshow because of Mamba’s selfishn i mean greatnesss.

  • http://wikipedia.org Eddie1

    Who among y’all don’t believe in tha illuminati now? Y’all foolish.

  • Dungeon Family

    illuminati is an all white old male society

    Men with My skin tone are not accepted

    But ya’ll believe everybody SUCCESSFUL is illuminati

    There are 13 bloodlines of the illuminati go look them up and you’d see no black men

  • l2ising Phoenix

    Lool, a little off topic but anyone catch when shaq undoubtly proclaimed he was a mason? There is no question the illuminati is a concept conspiracy theorist have fathomed with their own beliefs. I’m a 21 year old and I opened my eyes and seen that sports,music, entertainment is ran by these dudes, kanye, Kobe, shaq… Their all masons, why you think their so successful? You gotta sell your soul to be successful. If you don’t believe, just take a quick glance on YouTube about shaq revealing his loyalty to this “secret group” .

  • http://Www.nba.cOm 2Sikh

    Damn didnt know Bean sold his soul too, a lot of these dudes did now I understand why Allen Iverson kept it real and didnt get too involved in endorsments..

  • EJ

    Really? I thought Kobe and Shaq practiced playing basketball to be successful. I guess I’m gonna sell my soul now, whatever that is anyway.

  • Sean B

    If you believe in these half-baked theories or the reason they are successful is because they are masons or sold their soul…you are an idiot.

  • Fast_Break

    The triangle with the lines crossing at the peak of the triangle is part of the sigil of lucifer…just saying.

  • robb

    The symbol actually means “Now that we’re done with the triangle I’m gonna shoot over the top, left and right”

  • l2ising Phoenix

    Kobe & Shaq are hall of famers of course, yes they had no help in attaining any rings they’ve amassed in their careers … Maybe if we go back to the kings and laker series back in 2000 I believe the kings were blantantly robbed. Stern paved the way for the lakers that year via crooked refs. If you don’t believe, why the Fluck did shaq show off his ring & claim he was a mason, please explain Lool . Open your eyes kids.

  • Kobe4president

    @l2ising Phoenix you are a moron. People like you need to check your facts before you open your mouth. The lakers swept the kings in 2001 along with the other two teams they played in the western conference that year. 15-1 on way to the ring, and that’s dominance not help from the refs. Don’t be mad vlade and c Webb wouldn’t stop the greatest big man lil man combo of all time #shaqkobe #3peat

  • l2ising Phoenix

    I’m a moron? Did you forget to mention when they met in 2002 ? When the series went to 7 games ,ultimately being decided in overtime? The series that’s regarded as the worst officiated series in NBA playoff history? The series that Tim donoughy and his crooked ring of refs officiated? I’m not mad that the lakers won , I’m mad at the fact Kobe n shaq needed stern to win another chip. Now… Presented with the facts … Who is the moron now? #youmadbro? http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=IdOe4IxIvo0 , watch that video series and you’ll see your “facts”

  • DieselMechanic

    @12ising are the 2004 Pistons souless dogs too? They beat Kobe and Shaq. More masons are popping up!

  • http://www.nba.com Gman

    Man noone saw those Pistons winning that LOL

  • T-Ray

    The whole Illuminati thing is getting old. Anyway pretty cool commercial. Shoes look sick and Kanye is f*cking idiot. And I predicted Kobe’s response to Kanye’s dumb a$$ because..well..it’s Kobe.

  • @boweezy24


  • l2ising Phoenix

    Chauncy > illuminati , its that simple..Lmao.. Nah but I ain’t one of them dudes who sit on their computers and fear for their lives over theories n ish , its just that some of it makes sense. #iamnotacomputernerd