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Video: Dwyane Wade, Erik Spoelstra Clash on the Bench

Is Miami’s frustration boiling over?

Things completely fell apart in Indiana for the Miami Heat last night. The once heavily-favored Heat went down 2-1 in the series to the feisty Pacers, and Miami’s troubles stretched all the way into their team huddle, where superstar guard Dwyane Wade and head coach Erik Spoelstra exhanged heated words. The Miami Herald explains: “There was a frustration that boiled over in the third quarter as a team dreaming of an NBA championship was helpless to stop its own collapse. Coach Erik Spoelstra approached Dwyane Wade during a timeout, as if to place his hand on the player’s shoulder. ‘Get out of my [expletive] face!’ Wade snapped. This is the state of the Heat today — angry, beaten and wondering what to do now — after Thursday night’s 94-75 loss that gave the Indiana Pacers a 2-1 lead in this best-of-7, second-round series. Spoelstra downplayed the outburst by Wade, like you knew he would. ‘That happens,’ the coach said. ‘That really is nothing. That’s the least of our concerns.’”

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  • Mike Mihalow

    What would Popovich do?

  • IamYOU

    Wade c’mon don’t be F*ckin disrespectful!

  • http://www.thesmashbrothas.com zen garden

    Sloan would have put his a__ in a headlock.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Wade just crossed a line that never should be crossed.


    Let’s add this to Robert Horry’s towel toss to Danny Ainge’s face and Rodman taking off his shoes and calling it a night.
    What a douche move.

  • Respect

    Ive gained respect for lebron nd lost respect for wade, hes a bitch

  • Riggs

    Would he have done this to Reilly?

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    It’s over. 2012-2013 anyone?

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    haha zen garden, i thought of sloan too


    Spoelstra should have immediately benched his @$$. All Wade did was whine and made like 1 field goal the entire game.

  • IamYOU

    @Riggs Riley would armbar that sh*t out of him!

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    I luv the guy’s game, and i’m a Mavs fan so let that sink in.
    This is the lowlight of a long series of petulant outbursts he seems to have integrated into his oncourt persona. Refs usually are his target but this…..? It’s disgusting. Biggest possible stage and u disrespect your coach like that, uncool.
    Yet media including some here, insist on crucifying Griffin for his oncourt actions. Wade easily outdoes him.
    As stated above, try that on Pop or even a Doc Rivers, see what it gets you.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Pop has had it out with cats on the sideline. Tony Parker in particular early in his career. In that Duncan story yesterday they had an entire section about how Stack Jack used to curse Popovich out every time he got subbed out of the game. Didn’t y’all read that?
    Karl Malone beefed with Sloan openly.
    Jordan and Kobe with Phil.
    Doc Rivers and Rondo have had legendary beefs in games. Perkins too.
    So, this is not that unusual. Doesn’t mean it’s right or acceptable, but it’s not the worst thing ever either. It happens when frustrations are high. Wade was wrong, and I would hope that he’s a big enough man to go talk to his coach.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Total disrespect from Wade. Always been my second favorite player but this is the line right here.

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com PutUrMomma2Wrk

    Spoelstra: “Next play is for Miller…”
    Wade: “WTF? Sit me down!…”
    Spoelstra: “You ain’t no Pippen!”
    Wade: “Fthat! You ain’t no Phil!”
    Spoelstra: “You’re not even Kukoch!”
    Wade “MOPHO! Get Riley right now!…”
    As the world turns… to be continued…

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    Allenp heated clashes between players and coaches are not uncommon, but to me this was different because it looked one sided. Of course we don’t really know what was said, but as a coach, you can’t just let you player pop off at you like that and really do nothing about it. Spo should have at least shouted back at him, if not sit him down for a series or 2.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    I’ve never believed that Spo was the right guy to coach this team. He’s always been in over his head with this group.
    Ever since he didn’t call that timeout before Rudy Gay hit the game winner.


    Wade should still shut his Yap though & not disrespect the coach.

  • t-sizzle

    Wadey Pants really needs to learn to curse his coach out in private. I can understand the frustration but why give people like me more ammo? If the Heat lose this moment will be a lowlight of his career. Just like that donkey show JTaylor did.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    @AllenP – PLayers yell and swear in frustration all the time, but Wade was sizing him up and sticking his chest out in a confrontational manner like he wanted to fight him. He walks away and comes back towards Spo with the “What? You wanna say that to my face?” body language that people have when they want to actually fight with someone. I’m not saying he was stupid or frustrated enough to do that, but his body language conveyed confrontation more than it did frustration and anger. There was a serious lack of respect in the way he carried himself, and Spo just looked shook (lowered gaze, etc). I’d say that Spo got punked in front of his entire roster on that one. Kobe’s had his outbursts with Phil at games, but they have been verbal. Stack Jack’s attacks against Pop were also verbal. The only example I can think of being like this is from Shaq’s book when he said he wanted to fight Pat Riley in practice one day. You have to respect your coaches to win a championship – I’m not sure Wade really does.

  • DerekG

    Flagrant fouls and now cussing out Spoelstra out of frustration! The wheels seem to be falling off in South Beach!

  • Jzakoni

    Phil Jackson, come save the day!!!

  • Ill Smith

    Ever since DWade broke Rondo’s arm he been a certified biatch in my eyes. This (plus the Rip & Collison fouls)only solidifies the thoughts.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVM11tMaMWg LakeShow

    Co-Sign OTB a thousand times. This isn’t your typical player coach disagreement.
    Wade legitimately ‘looked’ as if he wanted a piece of Spo. WTH Wade. Calm yo a$$ down and play ball. This game was on you. Not Spo. He might make poor decisions like starting a turd at center, but he is your coach and it’s not his fault you couldn’t make a shot… This is truly embarrassing for Wade. I personally have never seen anything like this.

  • lakernation

    Dwade is definitely disrespectful! Natural class act I guess.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Co-Sign anyone with two eyes who saw this for what it was: an embarassing display by a veteran superstar.
    Not sure how this can be downplayed or compared to all previous coach/player confrontations but as OTB and Lake stated; he was rude AND puffed out his chest and stepped to his coach.
    That’s how a lot of fights start where i come from and in this setting, Wade went overboard with the machismo.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I mean, the staredown was bad, but I don’t guys. Y’all see it differently than me.
    It was bad, it was wrong. It just wasn’t all that unusual, in my opinion.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Fair enough, Allen.
    Affects everyone differently.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    No, were telling you that your eyes are wrong.
    Find a youtube clip or something of a superstar “going at” (physically bumping and then trying to come back at him) his coach. It doesn’t happen that I have seen. Not from superstars that are 10 year veterans. A young guy, or a scrub maybe, but a superstar going at his coach like this is completely unusual and incredibly disrespectful. Do you know of a similar event that transpired that can show us that this “just wasn’t all that unusual.”?

  • Doris

    I started to dislike Wade because of his “STAR” attitude. Disrespecting your coach will not help you win. Frustration kills and that’s what in his heart. Go INDIANA Pacers~ Take the EAST !!!!

  • Lower East Scribe

    No, I’m telling him that his fingers are wrong. Wrong for typing dumb ish to minimize Wade’s horribly disrespectful behavior. And I’m teeeeeeeelling YOU….that I’m not living without ya, not living without ya. I dpn’t wanna be freeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • http://www.huwlhopkins.com #6marjon

    You stay classy Dwade

  • bike

    Regardless, those two better put that behind ‘em real quick. It looked pretty serious.

  • lakernation

    THE HEAT ARE DONE! stick a fork in them dudes…. and DWade should be fined for that ish he pulled on his coach. Not only that though, but also for the hit he took on collison, he should at least get a suspension for both. Dude is out of control, you would think he has roid rage or something.

  • Lower East Scribe

    At least the Heat have a win in their series. Guess how many the Lakers have? Z_E_R_O!!!!!

  • http://slamonline Brion

    I wonder if Bron ever thinks, man why didnt I go to Chicago or somewhere with a big man?

  • DreDay

    Some of you commentators on here kill me. I sit and read your comments and half of you seem like high school kids or out of work adults.(Ouch) These things happen all the time. It just so happen to take place during a Playoff game. Sure Wade is a Diva and yeah maybe it’s Karma for the suspension he should be serving for the play in Game 2. But come on. Cats on here acting like this dude went and slapped his coach. Go 2-13 (1)IN A PLAYOFF GAME, (2)against a second year player(Paul George) and you’d be heated also.
    “Total disrespect from Wade. Always been my second favorite player but this is the line right here.”
    For real Homie?! lol
    “Wade puffed out his chest and looked like he wanted a piece of ‘Spo.”
    Give it up Bruh. lol

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Ok Lakeshow.
    Thanks Darksaber.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Since you would like to address my comment then yes it was disrespectful period that’s my opinion. Did I say he should be crucified for it? F*ck no so idk why you’re coming at me. Personally I see it happen all the time but not from Wade so I felt it was out of character. Funny cuz I’m not a high school kid nor an out of work adult. I’m actually in between as a college student police recruit homie.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    So your admitting your wrong then?

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Cause i’ll wait for you to show me how this is not unusual…
    I got till 5pm PST.
    This is terrible and Wade should be ridiculed for this. It is down right disgusting.

  • http://aol.com The Iron Lung

    And wheb did danny granger become tuff? Lebron need to smack his baby hair lining off his head.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    When he became a spider, that’s wheb.

  • Harlem_World

    Players and coaches going at each other happens all the time. Not saying it’s right – but it happens alot. It wasn’t the verbal, it was how DWade raised up like he was about to pimp slap him and how Spo reacted afterwards. I don’t see Spo as a punk, but just coming to terms with the reality that its a players league and ultimately DWade has way more power than he does on the team. DWade could get him fired just like that and really, it should be the other way around. State of the game, folks…

  • Riggs

    @The Iron Lung: I’ve seen danny granger talk back to a lot of people, that isnt new. watch more pacer games before you post.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    EXACTLY Harlem.

  • http://aol.com The Iron Lung

    Riggs I live in Nap and go to hella games. And granger does not do this ever. It like he’s trying to be tuff cause he know its on national tv. So sick my duck before u comment

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Well said, Harlem_World. Also, that was a “clear path to the basket” foul IMO. The ball was bouncing a few feet in front of Bron with no one between him and the basket. If Granger doesn’t grab his jersey with both hands, that’s an uncontested dunk 100 times out of 100. I’ve seen clear path calls that were much less obvious than that where the defender was actually making a play on the ball. I know what the rule is, but damn. I’m not saying that would have changed the outcome of the game, but that rule needs to be re-evaluated.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Still waiting…

  • Lower East Scribe

    Don’t worry. Allen is gonna give you the best pounding you’ve gotten since last week from your dad.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    My dad and I do not have sex!
    Where did you hear this??
    This is so absurd, I would never have sex with my father.
    I mean oral… sure, but sex? Butt sex? No. Never!
    K, sometimes, you caught me.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    LakeShow is owning this troll!

  • Scalabrine for MVP

    Lakeshow is a beast. By the way what Lakeshow does to his dad is way less creepy than what you do to your mom.

  • DreDay

    It’s all Love T-Ray. It’s nothing personal. And kudos to you for going for the badge. You wouldn’t happen to live in NY would you? I know those cops out there are fickle about us Blacks. DIALLO, DIALLO!!!!

  • eric orange

    paging bobby knight!

  • Jeff O

    Wade is definitely out of line. You gotta show respect and some class than dissing your head coach. Hope you’ve apologized.