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Eddy Curry: Still Eddy Curry

There’s no change when it comes Eddy, who embodies all that is depressing about the Knicks‘ franchise. From the NY Times: “He has never looked more out of place and less relevant to the team’s future. Through two days of practice, Curry has been relegated to the third unit, with the rookies and free-agent invitees. He has slogged through drills. On Saturday night, he was lapped by an entire group of players as they weaved through cones around the court. By the end of Sunday’s practice, the third of camp, Curry was a spectator, watching his teammates jog with medicine balls while he stood near a basket stanchion. He is nursing a tight hamstring, making this the third straight camp that Curry has been injured. ‘Obviously, we’re pushing these guys hard,’ Coach Mike D’Antoni said. ‘He misses anything, it just makes it a little bit tougher.’ Asked if Curry was already behind, D’Antoni said, ‘Well, yeah.’ The setback was almost predictable. Curry reported to camp weighing 325 pounds — a 20-pound increase since April — according to a person in the organization. Team officials had asked Curry to come back closer to 300 pounds. They also asked him to attend voluntary workouts in July and September. Curry never showed. He was the only player not to attend voluntary workouts and scrimmages this month.”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com The Big Fundamental

    And he is due to make $11 million this season… Very undeserving!

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    This is a case where the impending suicide watch should begin now. I love my Knicks, but if they don’t see the writing on the wall with Curry, not basketball wise, but with depression, then we are the worst organization in the L. Get that dude some psych assistance before he goes back to the Chi and is dead and gone.
    Chris B

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I know, it’s really tough when you get a great table near the buffet…

  • http://www.theogshow.com Orlando OG Goodman

    My Bulls drafted him, I’m glad we got rid of him. I wish we could’ve still kept Tyson though. Tyson and Noah together if possible, would’ve been a nightmare.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I’ll say Orlando….leading the league in turnovers as a team is a nightmare stat line.

  • JTaylor21

    How can you come to camp overweight when you are the 13th man looking in and need to do everything in your power just make the team.

  • BH

    Well said CCB. This is about more than basketball.

  • basketblogger

    co sign JTaylor21

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    If D’Antoni ties a hamburger on a string in front of Curry when he is running around the gym. I bet he doesn’t get lapped then.

  • Hussman25

    Eddy’s heart isnt into the game anymore… Once this contract is up I highly doubt we ever see him play in the L again… (But, you cant teach 7 feet). If Kwame can get a gig… so can Eddy. Such a waste of talent and height.

  • Jer Dawg

    Eddy Curry is everything wrong with sports. He’s lucky he’s getting paid. He seems like he will be filing bankruptcy shortly after his career is over. Did everyone see the SLAM issue with his Rolls Royce, AMG Benz, Phantom, ect… Who knows how many more wasted exotics vehicle and wasted toys he owns. He refuses to work evidented by this article. SLAM, please keep on writing the truth about these waste of money and space athletes who don’t care. Albert Haynesworth says he’s a “slave?” Give me a break! Someone pays you money to perform and you say this kind of stuff?! Slaves never got paid and made to everything against their wil. Smh & shame on these two athletes.

  • J.C.

    Damn, if Eddy doesn’t want his roster spot I’ll take it.
    I just don’t understand how he can be so lazy and spoiled.

  • underdog

    Man, I don’t have any problem with Curry, because I don’t know him, but it seems like he doesn’t like the game anymore, that made him rich.

  • http://slamonline.com bash

    Well, to Albert Haynesworth’s point, there are things you have to do against your will as a professional athlete. “Voluntary workouts” that are held against you if you choose not to show up. Mandatory appearances, etc. Then, unlike basketball, football teams are free to cut you and your contract loose whenever they feel like it. The minute you make it seem like you need your employer to survive, that’s when they truly start taking advantage of you. Albert did the right thing, there are 31 other teams that will sign him and not give a damn what he does in the off season. And if these guys are making millions, how much are the owners making? And they’re still trying to pay players less.

    D’antoni isn’t going to play Curry regardless of the shape he is in (ex. Marbury), so he sees it as “F it, I’m getting paid anyway.”

  • the nerve

    dat cat never loved da game. look it up

  • the nerve

    bash iz on point

  • http://jayemmbee.blogspot.com Clutch Performer

    lazy ass
    man there are so many better ballers who would love to be on a squad and he comes over weight
    people like A.I. and Starbury would love to be in a training camp and hes taking it for granted smh

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Wow, 4 years ago he averaged (just under) 20 points per game.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Although he was all offense and no defense, at least it was abijillion times better than he is now.

  • vtrobot

    disgusting. “nursing a tight hamstring?” that’s the least of his worries. dude has been nursing a loose work ethic for years and years now. is part of it that eddy doesn’t want to go too hard because he’s worried about his heart? i might believe that if he weren’t potentially harming his heart by putting more strain on it with his fatness. 2nd what CCB said tho. getting paid $10+ million to be a waste must F with yr head. i can’t wait for this HUGE part of knicks history to be off the team. eddy’s gotta be up there with athletes with the largest discrepancy between what they got paid vs. what their contributions were worth.


    Eddy Curry should have been an NFL offensive lineman.

  • MikeC.

    It’s official. Jerome James is contagious. Eddy caught JJ-itis and has never been the same. Man I had hopes for Eddy when he came to NY. The league was going small and fast and it looked like Eddy was going to eat all those pseudo-centers for breakfast. It seems that he literally eats centers for breakfast. At least his contract is up at the end of the seaon and he can fade into bolivian. I move that we officially refer to Eddy Curry as “Eddy Curry’s expiring contract” from now on.

  • dave

    wow eddy curry..whats wrong with this guy? he shouldgive up basketball, it just look like he don t like basketball anymore…very very sad..

  • erich

    I don’t think suicide watch is necessary.
    His family life seems to be enough for him, and so he doesn’t pay that much attention to basketball anymore.
    What is a real shame if your employer pays you that much.

  • jelte

    Fat bastard. There should be the legal right to fire slackers like him.

  • MikeC.

    @jelte – I think the owners are pushing for something like this in the next CBA. Sort of a bi-annual ‘Allan Houston rule’ where every two years, they can just straight up cut somebody, still pay them(a % of the money owed), but it doesn’t count against the cap any more. Not sure of the rest of the details because I read it awhile back.

  • MikeC.

    Eddy Curry’s hamstrings are made of ham.

  • Michael

    man nba media groups need to stop discussing eddie currry for real, he aint a baller no more.

  • AI TO MIAMI!!!

    325! dam thats heavy!hahaha no hard work there at all haha just retire man

  • hammer


  • Lazarus

    cosign ccb. do u guys realize wat eddy has been through last few years? didnt he lose his ex wife and daughter or something along those horrible lines.

  • Lazarus

    can new york just give him his 11mill n let him be. instead of forcing him to lumber through a few sessions n get another injury n waste ther money on mris.

  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com hoopistani

    Colour me unsurprised

  • chris

    This is sad beyond basketball. Curry is a man that has gone through a personal hell the last few years. The murder of his child I can only imagine what something like that would do to a person, it’s something you don’t wish on anybody. With that said Curry has shown that he does not have the mental strength to overcome these problems. I know he gets injured every camp and rides the bench for the rest of the year. But you can’t change peoples opinion about you when you hardly make an effort to loose weight and at least not embarrass yourself on the court. Honestly I think Curry needs help, and it’s not basketball help. He should not be at a basketball court just trying to do something that we all know he does not want to do. He is owed that money and he should get it, a contract is a contract but he should not bring that negative energy to the knicks camp. We’re trying to turn the page in the organization. Im a life long knicks fan and I want to have a decent team and I don’t think having curry around does not help him nor the team.

    I wish curry luck and I hope he is able to find the help he needs as a man. But as far as basketball, I think he is done. Maybe and its a big MAYBE he should take a year off to work on his mental health, be with his family and then try a comeback….


  • OneStep

    Waste of space.

  • Rick L

    You know even if he was hurt but showed that he wanted to at least motivate the other players on the team I wouldn’t be as mad. The Knicks are paying him $136,585.37 per game, and you mean to tell me that you can’t travel with the team. He pays a chef $6,000 a month and has a $600 dollar cable bill. Get off your big ass and support your team that pays you. At least he isn’t holding us hostage this year being the only big man on the squad. I don’t want to see him AT ALL in the league next year!!! BUMB!

  • Seven Duece

    he’s paid in full for the rest of his life, but what’s really sad is that the guy already has a heart condition. maybe he’s just given up, he always looked like an overly sensitive type. constant negative criticism (though warranted) can make anyone say “F it”

  • outheregrindin

    Idk what happened… I went 2 grammer school & h.s. with him. he loved this game & was a very nice guy, with sooo much potential. Idk think he got drafted then said ‘i don’t care anymore’ we were sad here in the chi when he left, then I didn’t hear much about him after. That’s what made me get online & look him up. I feel you guys these players are over paid, & it sucks when u have a loosing team. (No offense) I agree with the other young lady he needs 2 take a leave & get his personal life in order, it sounds like he’s going through something & has for yrs that he has slipped into a depression & it’s carried over into his work, just because u have money doesn’t mean ur happy or don’t have problems. I REFUSE 2 bash him I’m gonna pray for him & his family. I can understand the dissappointment, in him. But 2 be honest We don’t even see u guys games here. They haven’t bothered airing them nationally up untill this 2010 -11 season. And eddie is just one man out of how many players on that team?? It took more then him for ya’ll 2 suck so bad, just like it will take more then one player for you guys 2 win & get ur games aired. If u get my drift. I had the pleasure of watching a ny game the other nite and u guys have a pretty decent line up this yr, the knicks beat us lol! So STOP dwelling on the past & ONE player & enjoy what u have this season:=) GOD BLESS


    He needs a long walk off a short bridge.