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Derek Fisher, Brian Shaw Warn of Major Changes in L.A.

OK, so not everyone on the Lakers was exuding ultimate confidence with the series shifting to Dallas, as point guard Derek Fisher and assistant coach Brian Shaw each warned the team of potential (and very severe) changes to the roster should they flame out. The LA Times reports: “About two weeks ago, Derek Fisher gathered together his teammates and told them to look around the room. He warned all the Lakers that if they don’t reach their goal of winning a third consecutive NBA championship, next season the faces on the team could look quite different. Fisher pointed out that the possibility of the Lakers’ management making changes was realistic because it happened to him during his first tour with the Lakers. ‘We discussed that buttons will be pushed,’ Fisher said after practice Thursday. ‘That’s the reality, and it’s business with this team. You have to understand it and appreciate it for what it is. I think guys understand it.’ … The Lakers had nine new players on the 2003-04 team. ‘When it doesn’t work out and you have the talent that this team has, you think going forward, it’s not going to be the same afterwards if you don’t get through it,’ said Shaw on Thursday. Shaw, now an assistant coach with the Lakers, will be one of the candidates to replace Jackson. If the Lakers fail to win a title this season, ‘it’s not going to be all the same guys and the same faces around anymore,’ Shaw said. In 2004 the Lakers lost in the NBA Finals to the Detroit Pistons and the team made more changes, bringing in 10 new players and another coach. Jackson left (but was rehired a year later), Shaquille O’Neal and Rick Fox were traded and Fisher was allowed to leave. ‘If you want to stay on this bus and take this ride and play for the Lakers and everything that this brings to you, then do everything humanly possible to push through,’ Fisher said. ‘Management is still going to make decisions that they feel like are best. But the best way to impact that decision is to win.’ … ‘If [players] like the palm trees, the sunny weather and the pretty women in L.A. and the other stuff that comes along with it, if you want to keep it, then you better come with it,’ Shaw said. ‘If you don’t, there are a whole bunch of other guys that would love to be in this position. And this organization is not going to sit around and wait.’”

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  • LeBron de Con

    Hope and change. Change and change.

  • G Diesel

    Dwight Howard will play the Lakeshow next season!
    Mark my words.

  • http://kobebeefnba.com LDR4

    Bye bye Fisher, Barnes, Blake, Ratlif, Caracter, Ebanks, Smith, and Walton.

  • MikeC.

    Notice Shaw didn’t mention the lure of playing for a perennial contender as one of the draws of playing for the Lakers. If you just want the sunny weather, palm trees and pretty women, you can play for the Clippers.

  • AD

    yupp Kobe retiring..

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    nice of fisher to inform the team that he wouldn’t be welcomed back if the team lost.

  • http://Www.slamonline.com TheBigL

    Hope Shannon stays, regardless if my Lakers pull it off or not I”ll always have love for that guy.
    Besides, if big guys Smith and Ratliff leave, it won’t count as a change. It’s a formality, tops.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jtrain73 Jono

    Get Gasol outta there and put him in the homeless shelter where he belongs!


    After the Lakers get bounced, Bynum will make a video asking the Lakers to ship Kobe’s arse out for CP3. ROFL

  • http://slamonline Brion

    Jono, wheres the loyaly? Gasol helped lift the Lakers to 2 chips and your ready to ship him out? Can anyone say bandwagon fans.

  • robb

    D12 time.

  • bull22

    even shaw and fisher can already smell the end…. hahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahhaha i cant wait for the lakers season to TANK! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    They’ll probably trade Caracter for Chris Paul or something.

  • cuseburg

    Maybe i’m misinterpreting what he’s saying, but why is fisher talkin big about how people need to play better if they “want to stay on this bus”, unless he’s talkin about himself. Dudes prolly the worst starting pg in the league.

  • Abdo

    cosign cuseburg…derek fisher is complete garbage he’s one of the few lucky nba players with little talent who aren’t held accountable because of their “veteran leadership” its all bulls#@t…dude cant handle the rock and is a complete stiff LA should have let him walk last year to Miami.

  • Sergio

    Dwight Howard for Bynum over the summer is going to happen. Orlando needs to get rid of him before it turns into a situaion like Melo, and nobody can offer a better package then the lakers with Bynum. With Dwight in LA, lakers will be much improved. Derek Fisher will still be there, he has no trade potential, hes too old. Same with Walton, and Blake was signed to 4yrs/16mill i believe so he’ll probably be here. If I were the owner, I’d look back into trading Ron to the Bobcats for stephon jackson. MJ loves Ron and Stephon is also older, so both teams wouldnt be taking too much of a hit but the lakers would benefit by jackson’s unpredictable offensive explosions more than they would with Ron’s slowing defense.

  • giogolo

    ^co-sign Sergio…but im’ thinking Orlando’s gonna ask for both Pau and drew for D12 and Bass or something to taht extent. No way they’d give up Howard just for Bynum.

  • http://slamonline.com The Ambassador

    Get rid of the Killer B’s!!!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Yeah wtf Jono… Gasol is the reason the Lakers won 2 chips. They couldn’t/wouldn’t make it past the first round without Pau, no matter how badly he’s struggling now. They still need him.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I’m eager to see what Andrew Bynum can do as the #1 option on a team like Orlando… If that hypothetical trade goes through. I think he can be very very good with consistent minutes and a team that actually runs most of their offense through him. With his size and skill set, he shouldn’t be deferring to two other players on the court.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Raptors should have traded Bosh for Bynum. What the hell were the Raptors thinking letting him walk for free? Imagine a front court of Bynum and Ed Davis–that’d be friggin’ sweet.


    Muddy Fields for Kobe. Make it happen Donnie! lol

  • al29

    See you, Bynum and Gasol. Hello D12 and Oden.

  • http://sports1marketing.com/ Sports1Marketing

    Please, please not Adelman. How do you go from Phil to that? This is LA, we like personalities..big characters. Brain Shaw is young and hip. The players respect him. Adelman = Rudy T take two…