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Avery Johnson Finds the Booing of Kris Humphries ‘Hilarious’

Kris Humphries’ brief and controversial turn as a reality television star has made him more recognizable than ever on and off the court, and it’s been the target of some pretty funny booing in enemy gyms. Just ask his coach, Avery Johnson. From the NY Post: “There are boos, and there are boos, and according to Kris Humphries, the ones he heard last night were ‘a walk in the park’ compared to those he heard last week at Madison Square Garden. Nevertheless, every time Humphries touched the ball last night as the Nets opened their season with a 90-84 victory over the Wizards, he was booed. ‘I don’t know why,’ Nets coach Avery Johnson said. ‘I’m trying to figure out, what did he do? I’m serious. Maybe because I don’t follow reality TV, I don’t know all the ins and outs of it but it’s pretty hilarious to me. I don’t know if they even know why they’re booing him.’ The crowd was booing Humphries for all the wrong reasons last night. They should have booed him because he was killing their team. Humphries, who only re-joined the Nets on Wednesday, looked as if he never missed a beat from his breakout 2010-11 campaign, when he averaged a double-double. Despite the boos, Humphries finished with 21 points, 16 rebounds and a ton and a half of defensive grit as the Nets overcame a start that would warrant felony charges in most of the continental United States.”

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  • Yesse

    I don’t really understand why does he get booed at.

    Shouldn’t Kim get booed at? She’s the biggest branching box in Hollywood.

  • Tom

    I understand why he’d be booed at the Garden. Knick fans are the fakest, most celebrity obsessed losers in the world. Wizards fans should have known better. Seems to be helping Kris play anyway

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Hopefully, Humps doesn’t let the heckling get to him, hes still a decent player. Even though he looks like Frankenstein. Anyone notice it looks like his eyes are lower than the halfway point on his head? Thats ALOT of forehead he has goin’ on..

  • Shane NZ

    I feel sorry for Kris as it isn’t his fault some stupid B*** who is just famous for being well……famous used him……………

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    AWESOME comment from Tom about Knick fans!!

  • EJ

    Kim didn’t use Kris. They both cashed in and Kris got to fuk Kim.

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  • Ace

    Kim didn’t use Kris and if anything Kris is benefiting from this. More people now know who he is, versus if he never dated or married her and you mention his people would still be like, who? Kris should just be happy that Lopez isn’t playing because now he’s the starter.


    kris is the winner here people. not only is his bank account secure but he banged that ass for 72 days and his game is just furious now. Y didn’t he do any of this when he was in toronto?

  • iLL will

    Kris Humphries WON. He got a taste of Kim K, money in the bank, now he will continue to get mad play on and off the court. Well done, Kris, well done.

  • Justin G.

    Got a taste of Kim? Who cares? She might be the most overrated celebrity as far as looks go in the history of television. But I definitely don’t understand the boos. What exactly did he do to garner Lebron reactions?

  • Jose

    I agree with Justin G., I wouldn’t fuk KIm K. with any of your diks. She is a nasty, gypsy looking woman with the personality of a dead moth and an over inflated ass.
    Truth is though, I heard from a close female friend that follows the tabloids, that Kim & Kris barely (possibly even never) even consummated the marriage. Word is they were barely ever together alone at night, and they may have had sex 1 or 2 times max, but alot of tabloids say they never even had the chance to sleep together.
    So basically, Hump got very little out of this except some negative PR, and Kim K. got exactly what she wanted; another year clinging onto the limelight.

  • UltimaCarta

    Boo Kim, not Kris. Jesus.