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Dwyane Wade Thinks He’ll Be a Better Player Following Knee Surgery

DWade seems to think of himself as a fine wine — one that gets better with age. Wade claims that his advancing age will help him improve his overall game, and that the minor left knee surgery he recently underwent shouldn’t cause concern for any Miami Heat fan going forward. Per the Miami Herald: “Started my rehab today,’ Wade told us Tuesday. ‘I’m up and walking. Got rid of the crutches today.’ [...] The disappointment of not being in London [for the Olympic Games] this month is overrun by good stuff. His two boys are safe at home. He is getting healthy again. And, as a bonus, his Heat just signed veteran guard Ray Allen (‘I’m so excited. Best shooter in our game’) and Tuesday added Rashard Lewis (‘He’s, like, 6-11 and he spreads the floor. We need guys to do that’). The rest of the NBA moves to close the gap on the champion Heat — the Lakers sign Steve Nash, the Brooklyn Nets angle in on Dwight Howard — but Miami moves to improve, too, adding pieces, growing depth. And Wade, in many ways the key to the Heat growing its 2012 title into a mini-dynasty, is eager to prove he remains an elite player, something that exploded suddenly into doubt as recently as mid-May. ‘I’m only 30!’ he said. ‘Michael Jordan, Kobe [Bryant] — those guys got better at 30. Won multiple championships after that. So I’m just getting started.’”

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  • Ash

    Stay positive my man. Can’t wait till regular season start

  • Zabbah

    Sure, but Jordan and Kobe were not drastically declining in performance as they approached 30. Look at their numbers and compare it with the drop in your numbers — too large to ignore.

  • Ses

    Jordan and Kobe were much better players away from the rim at that point in their careers. With Wade’s inability to consistently hit jumpers, ref crying and declining ability to get to the rim, I just don’t see it happening. Sorry Buddy!

  • tasso

    @zabbah. That guy played injured and not even 32 min per and still managed nearly 50% fg and had a better PER than Durant and was no. 3 in the league! I take that as a drop off for an injured player.

  • pposse

    please dont say ‘ref crying’ and exclude kobe from that argument!

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    I hope he works on that jumper and handle. Both were ugly at many points last season.

  • kobe

    That jumper man he had it when he led the league in scoring a couple yeasr ago but its gotten a little worse. With the time off her should work on it maybe with Ray Allen. Work on a post up fade away as well something as dangerous and kobe or jordan that he can go to as he ages.

  • http://www.dimemag.com showtime

    @ses your must be on bath salts then. cause rest will def help

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    Cosign charlie
    I think the injury had a lot to do with the lift on his jumper and his handle was unacceptable and sloppy.

  • Drig

    Jordan and Kobe had better jumpers…..And were tall…..and could post up. DWade, pound for pound, is as strong as anyone in the L but if he loses that mini-Flash first step he still has and gets guarded by guys like Thabo who’re taller than him and make it hard to score on a post up, I don’t see how he can improve…..

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Wade your a long way from Kobe and MJ careers. They would never let another player join their team and state its their team now. Wade you have to have the game and the mentality of a killer to be in their mindset of a player at 30 and beyond.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Kobe and MJ had better Mid-range games though, Wade is extremely savvy at getting to the basket and a slasher….we’ll see.

  • Drig

    Kobe at 30 had better footwork too….

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    Drig agreed
    With proper footwork it makes the game much more easy. It allows you to get a step on the defender no matter how tall they are.

  • Basketball_iQ

    -_- smh … Wades decline involves him not being the miami heats every(fkn)thing anymore. DUH! When you swap out a Beasley & a Jermaine Oneal and get a LebronJames/best-player-in-the-WORLD, an allstar in Bosh and a few big time role players in the mold of ShaneBattier/MikeMiller, YOUR POINTS WILL DECLINE!
    Damn! fkn doe-doe birds round here

  • Basketball_iQ

    speaking on his foot work and his handles… you must be dont know the hours these guys put into this… more than you fools put into your current proffessions probably.

  • MeloMan15

    also, mj and kobe didn’t drive recklessly to the hoop and sacrafice their body the way wade does… he’s bound to crumble sooner rather than later

  • LA Huey

    His “decline” probably had more to do with the best player in the game joining his team 2 years ago. And even then, that “decline” is greatly exaggerated.

  • bbogg

    hope he is ok! wanna see wade get back but if this surgery was not serious why did he not just do the kobe procedure? less invasive!

  • http://www.nba.com/2012/news/features/david_aldridge/07/09/morning-tip-free-agency/index.html Allenp

    Every time The Seed comments an angel dies.

  • bike

    Something tells me Wade’s rehab involves sitting in front of a mirror preening himself and saying ‘Dam& bru, you are so fine’ over and over again.

  • Heals

    @Huey, yeah, it’s funny when some so-called “declines” are put in perspective. When you play as well as these guys do it’s just the law of averages, the effects of age and increased competition that contributes to the difficulty of sustaining the high-levels they reach. Not necessarily that they’ve lost “it,” what it is…

  • pposse

    Seed, didnt Kobe say in an interview that he would love to play with Lebron? I’m not going to speak for MJ but Kobe or anyone else would be foolish to NOT want to play with the guy who will most likely go down as the second best baller of all time (LBJ)

  • Ldub

    @heals….that is probably one of the best comments I have read all year. Kudos to you! Wade will get better. I has been a slasher for a long time, and I believe there was only one year that he was hitting the elbow jumper. I think Wade has tons left and his basketball IQ will get him in the gym (just like Kobe and MJ) and work on a less aggressive way to score while still being just as effective.

  • jeremys6226

    Dwade is still a beast and if he works with Allen on his perimeter the Heat will be a dynasty

  • Drig

    @AllenP……..sure must be a lot of angels around there lol.

  • Realist

    Well first of all I definitely think Wade can get better. If you know about Basketball you would realize that you need your knees to hit jumpers. Anyhow Wade is right up there with those guys. He has done it all and still came up big when Miami needed him. You all seem to forget he averaged 23 points per game, played the second most minutes, and top 10 in shot blocks and steals, all this while barely being able to walk. He gave Lebron a ring against Dallas and Lebron couldn’t seal the deal. Now Lebron returns the favor. Wade forced the issue regardless of what he was going through and that breaks defenses. I believe he will get better because his jumper isn’t awful in terms of dynamics. Somebody talked about his Handle?!!! Seriously smh. All this guy has to do is pick his spots. Underestimating him would be a problem for opposition. Lebron had a great Boston series because partly because of the defensive attention on Wade…Anyhow we will see….

  • jo3

    All y’all some haters foreal man this man is one of the best and you all know it just like to bash on people and he does not get enough credit for what he dose stop rideing lebron nuts so much

  • wambo

    wade is one oof the best i love how the haters comment aabout him because that how he gets better remember2008 season