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Dwyane Wade Excited About the Miami Heat’s Three-Point Shooters

With the arrival of Ray Allen in South Beach, Dwyane Wade can hardly wait to start kicking out to his three-point shooters next season. Wade knows that opposing NBA defenses are in trouble. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Never have the drive-and-kick options been so bountiful, not only are Mario Chalmers, James Jones, Mike Miller and Shane Battier back, but arriving for the defense of the Heat’s second championship are Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. At a time when LeBron James is assuming a greater share of the Heat’s offense, Wade now finds himself in position to channel back to what he had in 2006, that instinctive connection with a spot-up sniper. ‘I mean, that’d be great,’ he said. ‘[James] Posey was huge for us.’ During the run to the 2012 championship, Wade said he began to develop a similar bond with Battier, one that developed late, with Battier’s unlikely postseason insertion into the starting lineup at power forward. ‘I think I did a little bit in the Finals,’ Wade said. ‘With the matchup problems, sometimes I drove just to get guys shots. So I knew that once I drove, that bigger guys who were guarding Shane were going to come to the rim and protect the rim. Shane had a lot of open shots.’ Wade said he expects to do more of the same this time around. [...] ‘We’ve got a great bunch of guys to choose from,’ Wade said. ‘We’ve got some of the best 3-point shooters the NBA has ever seen. So it’s kind of pick your poison.’”

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  • i_ball

    He should be:)

  • RobbieJay

    coaches are gonna lose their minds with the rotations to cover all these shooters lol. a line up of wade, allen, lebron, lewis, and bosh is crazy. not to mention you can mix and match with chalmers, battier, miller, and jones. crazy

  • spit hot fiyah

    that’s a gang of 3 point shooters, all catch a shoot guys basically. if battier can come close to shooting it chuck person style like he did in the finals the heat will be close to unbeatable

  • LakeShow

    Bron and Wade both should shoot less than fifty 3 pointers next season.

  • bike

    That’s because he won’t have to shoot any.

  • Max

    Lebron and Dwade should not shoot one three next season.

  • Lamine

    Ok !