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DeJuan Blair Ordered By Judge to Pay a Jeweler $53K

San Antonio Spurs center DeJuan Blair is gonna have to finally pay off his jewelry store debt—a judge has ordered the big fella to make good on an outstanding amount of more than $53,000 (Blair took store credit nearly three years ago). Per the Express-News: “If Blair fails to show on Wednesday or continues to ignore the lawsuit that was first filed in October, the judge could find him in contempt and issue a warrant for his arrest. Blair, 23, has filed no responding documents to the lawsuit, hasn’t appeared in court and in February a default judgment was issued in favor of the store. [...] Elliott Cappuccio, the attorney representing the store’s owner Zareem Merchant, said he had been in contact with the Spurs’ general counsel and Blair’s agent but never heard anything back. ‘I assume he’s been advised of his rights and what a problem this is for him,’ Cappuccio said. ‘But he personally has not contacted me or my client and has not made any attempt (to respond to the lawsuit).’ The store owner said in an affidavit that Blair failed to pay for various items he chose during eight visits between March 10, 2010, and April 10, 2010. One visit topped $11,000 and included a $4,000 diamond watch and $3,000 diamond ring, according to the receipts filed with the lawsuit. On another visit, Blair picked out more than $12,000 worth of merchandise, including what may be a watch but was only described as a “men’s Gucci with Dia” for $5,946, according to the documents. In all, he owes a total of $53,032.26. Cappuccio said given the NBA player’s salary, no one at the store thought the payments would be an issue. Blair first signed with the team in 2009 and by the time his contract expires he will have earned $3.808 million over four years.”

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  • Anthony Dixon

    All of those blood diamonds.

  • spit hot fiyah

    at least be a boss and pay cash i u feel like u need stuff like that

  • bike

    I know these guys make a lot of dough, but giving any 23-year old an open line of credit seems pretty risky IMO.

  • RayJr

    That’s exactly why they do that. The amount of money those players make cuts the risk.

  • nhm

    why spend so much money on jewelry? you’re a MAN.

  • lupe

    Well that story just changed my entire outlook of that huge ass dude. $3,000 on a diamond ring for a man???? Ahhh how nice it feels to be comfortable in my own skin.

  • Dmc14

    lol yeah.

  • Ugh

    What part of the article says the jewellery was for him?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    Pay up