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Dwight Howard Reportedly Felt Misused By Mike D’Antoni

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

Welcome to the Dwightmare Sequel, Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster this summer.

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t know what Dwight Howard is going to do as a free agent, but one thing seems clear: he’s not happy with the way head coach Mike D’Antoni utilized him on the court, and the big fella felt that his voice was rarely heard in the locker room.


Howard was one of several Lakers — Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol being the most noteworthy — to have an extended separate meeting with (GM Mitch Kupchak) after his exit interview with both Kupchak and D’Antoni, multiple sources confirmed. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, part of the discussion between Howard and Kupchak centered around Howard’s frustration with D’Antoni — particularly how the center felt marginalized as the coach looked to Bryant and Steve Nash for leadership and suggestions and discounted Howard’s voice. Every player was afforded the opportunity to meet with Kupchak individually after D’Antoni left the room, but few spent as much time as Howard and Kupchak did together.

Kupchak left the meeting with Howard undeterred, telling reporters he was “hopeful” and “optimistic” that Howard would be back with the Lakers next season and beyond, yet there have been several developments in the last couple weeks that could have an effect on Howard’s decision.

The report goes on to say that Howard also wasn’t thrilled that assistant coach Chuck Person was let go.

For what it’s worth, the Lakers publicly supported their coach, and said his job was safe heading into next season.

The front-office said they were confident in their ability to retain the franchise center, but it’s clear there are plenty of reasons to be nervous if you’re a Lakers fan and teammate of Dwight Howard as his free agent decision looms.

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  • rainonyaparade

    Kobe did a good job of marginalizing Howard on the court as well. There is plenty of blame to go around, including Howard himself deserving some.

  • i_ball

    I don’t see anything wrong with preferring Kobe or Nash over Dwight to provide leadership.

  • http://www.facebook.com/starkpwnsyou Joshua Maria Peter Bautista

    “…the coach looked to Bryant and Steve Nash for leadership and suggestions…”


  • shockexchange

    If Rent-A-Cent felt “misused” last season, wait ’til the Lakers have “papers” on him. He’s going to know how Pau Gasol / Andrew Bynum at the same ____ time have felt all these years > http://clicky.me/rentacenter

  • mike

    Howard is wack… can anyone really still be a fan of this guy?

  • speedy

    Maybe you are not the model of a true leader.
    Always complaining to the Refs and media will not bring you any further.
    Stop talking and just lead by example!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • speedy

    Maybe you are not the model of a true leader.
    Always complaining to the Refs and media will not bring you any further.
    Stop talking and just lead by example!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    D’antoni is usually the source of the problem. off with this head. do it mitch.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    D’antoni is usually the source of the problem. off with this head. do it mitch.

  • Otis

    He is actually the worst.

  • Otis

    He is actually the worst.

  • bike

    It must be horribly demeaning to be a LA front office person having to suck up to this big basket case. Tell us how you feel Dwight, what makes you unhappy Dwight, what can we do to make you happy Dwight,….sickening.

  • Isamel

    Talk about a coach killer. He got Van Gundy fired, now he’s trying to get D’Antoni fired. Shut up and play to the best of your ability and have accountability if things don’t go your way. Stop pointing finger Dwight Coward.

  • j

    cry me a river dwight, you big APE

  • j


  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    this is not going to end well. good job jimmy! phil should have been the coach in nov and none of this would be an issue. can jeanie please take the reins..good job for injuring mamba..not cool!

  • spit hot fiyah

    i propose a howard article boycott until next season starts

  • Ugh

    As fair as that may be, D’Antoni didn’t use him correctly. Dwight takes flak in the press for not being coachable and that he can’t adjust to different systems, but the same has to be said for D’Antoni. He has the two best low post scorers in the NBA and has on on the elbow and the other running the P&R. He has three former NBA All Defensive team members in his starting five and doesn’t know what to tell his players to get them to actually play D.

    Fire D’Antoni, FFS.

  • LeroyShonuff

    They should of hired Jerry Sloan…. And should still hire Jerry Sloan. Real simple…

  • Toolman

    How is D’Antoni the problem?

  • http://twitter.com/anorman14 6ft9

    Dwight Howard is more sensitive than Ralph Tresvant….smh

  • stanfan

    sad part is he got Stan fired…. and Stan an his team basically made him into the player he became. kinda sad

  • underdog

    Well it’s hard to utilize any player in crunch time, who can’t make FTs. Dwight, do your homework first, you can go out and play afterwards.

  • KingBenjamin

    I wanted Dwight Howard to do this, and I’m glad he did. This is the only way D’Antoni will get fired, if Dwight Howard says he’s not re-signing if D’Antoni is coach then you fire D’Antoni and keep Dwight the future of the Lakers.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    he did a horrible job in NY. and hes doing a horrible job in LA..

    jim buss jumped the gun on his coach.

  • http://twitter.com/KrystinRJackson Krystin R. Jackson

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  • Anomaly37

    Say what I want about him? Why thank you. Lets start with how the Lakers don’t rebound AT ALL? It’s not even that yet don’t put themselves in position to grab boards the ball constantly slips out of their grasp. A food coach would see this and focus on getting his team to secure the ball.

    The guy has no clue how to get Dwight Howard the ball. Against Miami, Spoelstra crapped all over D’Antoni’s schemes and forced the Lakers into a perimeter oriented game, an occurrence that happens to D’Antoni teams all too often.

    Oh and that 28-12 run to close the season? Put down the blunt and stop giving Coach Pringles credit for Kobe’s brilliance. He put on a show and carried that slothful team while Nash and Gasol were injured and Dwight was in the corner getting less shot attempts than Metta World Peace (I wish I was exaggerating that last part. I’m not.)

    Dwight is a commodity. He’s the best center in basketball and its not very close when he’s healthy. D’Antoni is an utterly replaceable coach with no concept of how to best use this team.

  • rubs93

    Joining the cast of L&HH ATL D12. What a drama queen Lakers need to get rid of him and start fresh

  • Toolman

    I’m no sure I should be the one putting the blunt down…

    2012-2013 season stats
    Lakers: 44.8 RPG
    Opponents: 42.7 RPG
    League average: 42.1 RPG

    Tell me again how they couldn’t rebound at all (in capital letters if you want).

    Per game Dwight had 10.69 FGA , 9.5 FTA and 3.0 TOV
    MWP had 10.98 FGA, 2,3 FTA and 1,3 TOV

    Obviously Dwight was getting alot more touches than MWP.

    Dwight is very good when healthy, possibly the best center in the NBA, but he wasn’t healthy this season and was far from being the best (Marc Gasol and Tim Duncan both clearly topped him this season).

    D’Antoni might not be the best coach in the world but he’s a very capable coach who did a fine job with a not-so-fine roster (MWP, Kobe, D12, Pau and Nash played together a total of 189 minutes this season).

  • LakeShow

    Oh man… Co-sign.
    It’s a toss up for me if I want him on the Lakers… He is just such a baby. I don’t know if he’ll ever grow up with all the yes men around him.

  • robb

    Sure Dwight D’Antoni should have ignored two future HOF and look for your leadership instead. This guy has serious problems coping with reality.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i am thinking Kupchak could have leaked this. Because LA doesn’t want him back

  • RipCity

    since when are the LAKERS injury cursed????

  • robb

    Slam please listen to this man.

  • Toolman

    Uh…since the beginning of this season?
    You do realise they lost roughly 180 games to injury this season?You do realise that their projected starting five played a grand total of 189 minutes together?
    You do realise that their playoff roster was pretty much Pau and Dwight + some dudes picked randomly from the street?

  • The Seed

    Fire Coach, resign Howard, Trade Pau for Josh Smith. Bring Shannon Brown back or make a play for JR to come off the bench. Trade Steve Nash to Kings for anyone of their young pgs. Steve gets to continue to stay next to his kids.

  • RipCity

    one season is not a “curse”

  • LakeShow

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully Bynum resigns with them on the cheap lol (kidding… I think).
    A trade for Asik wouldn’t be terrible.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    a trade for Asik would be awful. Unless you are ok with not competing for a title for a while?

  • LakeShow

    Yeah his contract isn’t great, but quality centers are hard to come by and he is a few notches above average.
    I absolutely believe the Lakers could win a title next year with Nash, Kobe, MWP/Clark, Pau, Asik if they can get a little more bench youth/production and all are healthy.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    please tell me you don’t actually believe the words in this comment. that team has no chance of even getting a homecourt playoff series.

  • LakeShow

    Every word.

  • Anomaly37

    The point is that MWP registered more shot attempts. A lot of those free throws were off the ball fouls that had nothing to do with him actually getting looks.

    Dwight probably got the ball more but WHY IS IT EVEN COMPARABLE? (Yes, my all caps serve a purpose. It means pay attention, seriously get this.) Metta has the handle of an obese sixth grader and no jumper. Dwight is supposed to be our future.

    Do you understand how ridiculous it is that our sixth best player (behind the other starters and Jamison) is taking shots away from our anchor? Or does it even matter in your world? Would you have Mario Chalmers taking more shots than LeBron?

    I don’t get what you’re even arguing. If you’re a Laker fan then you don’t want D12 gone unless you’re a delusional nutcase. Even if you’re not you’re certainly not a GM of any team if you actually would place more value in a flawed coach than the best center in the game who’s likely to start next year with a chip on his shoulder. I hope you wouldn’t actually go that far.

    Oh and you responded to my point about Kobe carrying the Lakers to 28-12 perfectly: by shying away. Anything else would have been idiotic.

    Again ones a coach who can’t even get his star center the ball and the other is a star guard who did the ball handling, the scoring and the dunking (don’t underestinate how impactful Kobe’s posterizations were on the games they occurred in)

    Trying to argue that D’Antoni led the Lakers to their run makes you sound like the fools who pretended Mike Brown’s coaching was what led to the Cavaliers’ dominance from 2009-2010

  • Anomaly37

    Depending on the season.

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