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Randy Wittman Rips Wizards’ ‘Commitment to F***ing Playing Defense’

Wizards coach Randy Wittman was not pleased following the team’s 109-102 loss to the Sixers on Friday night. Washington is now 0-2, and Wittman blamed the team’s “commitment to f***ing playing defense” as the main problem. Via Bullets Forever:

The Washington Wizards were humiliated by the Philadelphia 76ers. After jumping out to a 14 point lead in the first half, the Wizards fell apart and blew an extremely winnable game, falling 109-102 in their home opener.

Following the loss, head coach Randy Wittman took longer than normal to begin his post-game remarks. He didn’t even attempt to conceal his frustration and anger with the team.

Well, you tell me what you thought the problem was. You watched the game. Commitment to f****** playing defense. It’s what it is,” he said. It’s what it boils down to, all right? It’s a thing our guys haven’t learned and I’ve got to figure out a way.”

He would go on to elaborate:

“You see it coming out of the locker room. You’ve got to respect the game and your opponent. We came out in the first half and got after it. We created turnovers, held them to 40 percent shooting, and then in the second half, there was absolutely none,” he said.

“And I’ve got to figure it out,” he said later. “That’s obviously the first question. I’ve got to figure out how to get these guys to play the right way for 48 minutes, that’s what it boils down to.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    i have promised myself to not overreact to anything for the two weeks (except if josh smith has double digit 3 point attempts), another couple of wizards losses and i might break my promise.

  • melvo

    Emotions were obviously high, but I believe Wittman wanted to say “commitment to playing fucking defense”. It sounds a little better.

  • RussellWestbrook#1

    Poor Wizards they are going to start the season off 0-3 with there next game being against Miami but im not worried I think they will still make the playoffs. John Wall will be an all star this season and Bradley Beal could follow along as well but he’s been disappointing these last 2 games

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    Not sure how you pulled that off. Censoring not working on weekends?

  • Nick Holden

    Unbelievable that Josh Smith has already jacked up 18 3′s.. smh.

  • therichardkirby

    We are not making the playoffs. For the coach to be ripping a team full of veterans about their defensive effort two games into the season raises all the red flags I needed to see. Wittman/Grunfeld get canned after 10-20 games, and the Wizards begin yet another rebuilding process.

  • Caboose

    What a sh!tty coach.

  • Caboose

    I mean, he’s making 1/3 of them, so it’s not TERRIBLE. Just bad.

  • Nick Holden

    I’m betting he won’t be able to keep hitting them at that rate though. He has managed to shoot 33% exactly one season in his career and that was on two attempts per game..

  • Brandan E.

    u got young cats on that team who just want to play just to play. they dont care about doin it the right way, they just play.

    and john wall is leader of that team so u gotta lead by example. its up to him how he wants to b perceived.
    very similar to the kings & demarcus cousins

  • Wings23

    Ok this is what I don’t understand. How is a 33% 3pt fg percentage considered bad? 50% shooting is considered very good but lets say someone shoots 2/6 on 3ptrs one game and 3/6 on 2ptrs the second game. Either way he scores 6 points in each game on the same amount of FGA.