Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 at 10:30 am  |  64 responses

Brian Shaw Calls Paul George the Best Two-Way Player in the NBA

According to Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw, Paul George has leap-frogged LeBron James as the League’s best two-way stud. (As far as we know, coaches aren’t regularly drug-tested.) Per the Denver Post:

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  • Ron

    Altitude sickness

  • JJ Jones

    Hell no

  • Simms

    George has to many nights where he doesn’t show up offensively to be as talked about as he is. Durant, lebron, Melo, Kobe, the superstars don’t have as many nights throughout the season where they score 10-13 points like PG has. To be a considered a superstar you have to be an elite scorer, he had some big moments in the playoffs and people acting like he is there already.


    Lool ok there coach. Have you been hitting that ganja or what

  • Karen John

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    ★★★ ★★★ ★�★★ ★★★★ �★★★ ★★★I think he’s the best two-way player in game. Hands down.

  • Saleem Rainman

    i guess they’re growin something extra special there in Denver.

  • Exile

    Love Paul George. Not as much as Shaw does…. But he (and the Pacers) are fun to watch. I also don’t think LeBron should be in the talks for defensive player of the year (this year). But man… Best two way player, or most complete player… It is LBJ. There is no debate. Not even close.

  • Dfrance

    Not better than LeBron or Durant at this point, but thanks for your opinion Brian!

  • underdog

    Maybe one day George will get there, but not yet he isn’t.

  • spit hot fiyah

    just a guy standing up for his former player that he mentored, nothing here.

  • JJ Jones

    Lebron? Durant? Is he even better than westbrook?

  • bike

    This kind of thing can manifest itself in a state where pot is legalized.

  • LakeShow


    KD, Bron, PG, that is the order this season.

    PG is the best defender, but he is not exactly spectacular offensively. Bron, and KD both play excellent defense and have astronomically better offense.

  • LakeShow

    KD this season, but Bron the last 6 before this season.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    that last question is the one i’m interested in.

  • Sérgio

    I don’t think KD has been 2-way better than Lebron this season. He has been best overall, but not on D, even though Bron has fallen.

    Also, Bron has been the best two way player in 13, 12 and 11. Before that, Kobe was the man. And you know it.

  • Dagger

    I’m just surprised that nobody is mentioning Chris Paul. Or Lamarcus Aldridge.

    George is an awesome two-way player, but he’s clearly not the best, and there’s a lot of competition for a position among that top-five, too.

  • 2chainz

    KD does not guard the oppositions best player…so to say he is a better defender than LeBron is not telling the whole story. For example Thabo would guard Melo and PG while Lebron would guard KD or Rondo etc.

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Yea…becasuse Brian Shaw is a reliable source to state such an opinion…people talk just to talk…

  • JJ Jones

    He guarded melo sunday

  • Dfrance

    This is a good point. Scott Brooks, rightfully so, hides KD on defense most of the game. But when he’s asks to guard up, he does a good job.

  • JJ Jones


  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Is he even a better all around player than Russell Westbrook

  • LakeShow


    lol, you really think LeBron guards Rondo?? He has for maybe 11 mins of his life.

    LeBron switches onto the best player on occasion in important games.

    Many times Shane Battier is guarding the best player for the mast majority of the time. If it’s a point guard than they just leave Chalmers on him.

    You should know this being a LeBron lover.

  • LakeShow

    Westbrook and he are very comparably talented as two way players.

  • LakeShow

    You can argue Bron over KB in 10, and 09. I was leaving a buffer for the LeBron apologists.

    KD has better basic numbers, advanced numbers, and the better defensive squad.

    All numbers point to KD this season.

    You can argue LeBron, and I think there is a good argument, but the numbers point to Durant.

  • LakeShow

    Brooks can’t have KD guarding the best player strictly because the best players are great and getting fouls. He needs someone like Thabo that can take a foul or 4 in the first half and not ruin the teams offensive chemistry.

    LeBron is king of not getting fouls called while guarding someone.

  • JJ Jones

    Ok imo he isnt

  • Jswagbo

    You guys wanted legalized marijuana, you got it

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    “Many times Shane Battier is guarding the best player for the mast majority of the time.”

    - not this season. Shane Battier doesn’t even play the majority of the time.

  • LakeShow

    Yeah, you’re right. His PT is decreasing by the day.

    They still don’t have Bron primarily on the “best player.” He either guards the SF or the PF. Sometimes/oftentimes that happens to be the best player.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yeah, he just guards whatever match up seems to make the most sense physically. unless it’s a bruising PF, then he stays with the SF until the 2nd half (presumably to avoid exhaustion / foul trouble).
    If I had to say who has been a better defender this season between Durant and LeBron? I’d pick Andre Iguodala and Paul George.

  • LakeShow

    Hahaha, awesome. Truth.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    it’s interesting. i really don’t know who i would prefer to have at the moment. in a year or two it might not be close though, George has a ton of room to grow.

  • LakeShow

    Yeah. If you told me to make a choice, and put a gun to my head…

    I’d be dead.

    Because I can’t choose, but I do agree that PG is the guy with more upside. He is so lengthy. His shot is more pure. His defense is better.

  • 2chainz

    Brooks made KD guard Mario Chalmers at the start of Game 4 in the NBA finals 2 years ago and he went off for 25 points lol.

  • pposse

    kd was guardin melo on sunday

  • 2chainz

    Thabo was on him too, KD was not guarding him the entire game.

  • JJ Jones

    Right now westbrook is more dynamic and harder to stop offensively in three years paul george

  • JJ Jones

    Exactly he forced him into a lot of ugly misses

  • LakeShow

    LeBron doesn’t cover guys for an entire game either.

  • LakeShow

    He scored 25 points while KD guarded him? Damn. I missed that game.

  • doug

    I had no idea PG was bisexual

  • LakeShow


  • danpowers

    all true, still, i remember westbrooks nba finals performance. seems like he got that mojo only very few have. lets wait if george will be able to pull anything close to that in a playoff series.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yeah, i mean i don’t really think George is going to be the force that Westbrook is offensively, but his size and skillset lead me to believe he can turn into a better closer offensively. Which can be just as important, if not more.

  • 2chainz
  • 2chainz

    He guarded TP for most of game 7 in the 2013 NBA finals.

  • The Seed

    Lets revisited this statement after PG meets Lebron in the NBA playoffs. I have a feeling after this year, a change is coming. Lets see!!!

  • JG

    this guy is nuts. He thinks that Paul George is better than the back to back champs and league MVP?? Just lost mad respect for Brian Shaw.

  • LakeShow

    They wanted Chalmers to be a threat. They were trying to let Chalmers beat them instead of LeBron, and Wade.

    Chalmers on the game:

    “It just kind of happened. I didn’t stop settling for the three. I knew with KD (Kevin Durant) on me, I was going to have a lot of open looks. I know the way they’ve been playing all series, they’ve been helping off of me and letting me have those shots, and I’ve just been missing them. I think they forgot about me and let me roam a little bit more tonight.”

  • LakeShow

    Westbrook has a mean streak that I love.

    He has those intangibles that people hate to talk about. Ya know: Killer Instinct, Alpha Mentality, and he has another gear he can go into when the game is on the line.

  • JJ Jones

    One of the few players that isnt afraid of the moment and willing to do ANYTHING necessary to win.

  • JJ Jones

    He mentored him when he was with indiana so of course hes going to ride him a bit.

  • Redd

    Agreed & he’s coming back to his realistic stats at 20 ppg.

  • Sergio

    Absolutely agree. Westbrooks 42 points in the Finals was one of the fieciest performances ive ever seen.

  • PG24fan

    If Paul George becomes an elite scorer, he will be the best player in the league. He just needs to become a better shooter like Durant or Curry.

  • 2chainz

    Dont forget Lebron also had cramps and had to leave the game.

  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    Thats exactly what this is. He ain’t unbiased.

  • Mike From Spain

    No one covers anyone for an entire game. No one plays the 48 minutes…

  • Brownjesus

    One person, one game, one time.


    The media always bang the ‘he guards every position’ drum, but how often is it for the whole game? This is the reason he isn’t defensive player of the year, ever, despite being the best player overall in the league. KD for MVP this year though.

  • LakeShow

    We are talking about a players time played in the game. So for LeBron/Durant about 40mpg.

  • LakeShow

    You realize you just named possibly the two most prolific shooters of all time as someone PG needs to live up to as a shooter…?