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Fredette’s 52 Avenges Losses to New Mexico

by David Cassilo / @dcassilo

Before we go any further, let’s just get this fact out there: Jimmer Fredette had as many points at halftime (33) in his game as Wisconsin did in its entire game against Penn State on Saturday. Fredette eventually finished with a career-high 52 points as BYU ousted New Mexico from the Mountain West Conference tournament with an 87-76 victory.

Facing the team that handed the Cougars two of its three losses this season, Fredette was BYU’s entire offense, making 22-37 shots. His 52 points were the most by a player in any conference tournament in the last 15 seasons. He also passed Danny Ainge on Saturday to become BYU’s all-time leading scorer.

After scoring BYU’s first ten points, Fredette was the target of several double-teams, but he continued to be able to get off shots. Even with the extra pressure, he was able to take care of the ball too, dishing out four assists and committing just two turnovers.

Fredette’s performance in the MWC tournament semifinal victory was the greatest moment so far in one of the best individual seasons in college basketball this season.

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

“You can kind of see the score, the [player] points, because it is right there next to the scoreboard,” Fredette said. “They put it up there for you. I don’t know if it is correct or not. You can kind of tell where you’re at. But I wasn’t a hundred percent sure at all times, you know what I mean? But I did see some of the times when I looked up there and just saw the score. I knew I was having a good game. I saw it sometimes.”

The win for BYU sets up a MWC tournament final with San Diego State. The Cougars took the first two meetings, but those were both before Brandon Davies was suspended. To complete the sweep and perhaps go far in the NCAA tournament, BYU might need many more nights like this from Fredette.

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  • http://zenguu.com Max

    Can he play D?

  • http://firespo.com KING

    Nope. And he won’t be able to score in the league

  • rich

    ill take kemba walker any day of the week

  • DuBois

    He will go first round and make millions, while we all sit here and speculate on everything in the league and college basketball, not making millions.

  • http://nba.com gp23

    ..just another JJ Reddick

  • http://zenguu.com Max

    So he’ll be JJ Redick ish

  • Joe

    That’s a lot of HATE for a guy named KING…

    Virtually EVERY NBA star says JIMMER will be an NBA star himself…
    (Deron Williams goes to his games – and says its like a mirror)

    King, Rich, gp23… you three are the ones that need “game”.

  • gary stoddard

    Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the country and his team is a top ten team. He is the player of the year and will be a decent NBA player. I suspect very popular around the league because of his character and not just because of his uncanny ability to score at will. There are a lot of players who can’t play defense and star in the NBA. So don’t be afraid-he might land on your favorite NBA team.

  • Salaam M.Akbar

    Jimmer has alway’s been a great player! I use to see him play in high school,but the knock on him was that he was a gunner playing for a small school.He was a great AAU player,but Penn States Talor Battle was considered the best player in the area.Jimmer has alway’s defined the odds.In all honesty I think if he was a “african-american”player he would of received many D-1 offer’s out of high school&he would certainly be a lottery pick,let’s be truthful.

  • Mel Johnson

    Wor, that’s terrible, another JJ Redick.

    Solid NBA player, 10ppg.

    and JJ’s salary? 7.25 million. I guess he wouldn’t mind being another JJ Redick.

  • JTaylor21

    For real give me Kemba the Lion King over dude, at least Kemba does other things besides chuck.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    Jtaylor, cmon man, if a guy is shooting 40 shots but he makes 30 and you win the game, what’s the problem? I like Kemba Walker too but you can’t hate on Jimmer, I don’t think his game will translate THAT well into the NBA, but still on College level this guy is balling.

  • ajarizona

    That’s fine, we won’t trade Jimmer for Kemba, anyway.

    Find all the fault you will, they’ll both be in the Association, making more money than any of us posting here.

    Let’s hope they both land with teams that can utilize their “unique” talents.

    It’s not always this “or” that. Give it up for both of them.

    You guys probably only like vanilla ice cream and listen to only one band.

    Both Kemba and Jimmer are Great, let’s just leave it at that.

  • Big E

    Kemba Who? When there is a kid like Fredette on the court…who sees anyone else when there is a 28 ppg player eating up the tv slots? Best NBA player in the future…highly doubtful. Best NCAA player today….absolutely!! A phenomenal individual to watch. Even better, his team mates fully support him!!

  • JTaylor21

    I could care less about what a guy does in college especially vs Mountain west opponents, I’m all about how a guy translate to the L.
    Even though Kemba might never make an all-star team, I could still see him being a decent starting PG in the NBA while Jiminy Cricket will be nothing more than a backup PG.
    Also when was it all right for a PG to take 37 shots while dishing out 4 assists?

  • ajarizona

    Other things Jamai???

    PPG…Jimmer 28.5….Kemba 23.7……APG Jimmer…4.2….Kemba 4.3……3pt. pct…Jimmer 40.7….Kemba 34.4……rpg…Jimmer 3.4….Kemba 5.4……Steals pg Jimmer 1.4….Kemba 1.9

    source ESPN

  • ajarizona

    correction other things???J taylor

  • EGOT

    Let’s just enjoy it for what it was: a guy ballin’ out of his mind to get his team the win.

  • ajarizona

    J taylor……Mountain West Conference 4th in the RPI, just behind the Big East.

    BYU’s RPI 4

    The East Coast Bias does not fly anymore guys. It’s phony.

    These are two great players, it’s ok to give it up for both of them.

    You guys come out West and play games in NM Pit, UNLV Thomas and Mack, the Marriot Center, or Sand Diego States place.

    Oh, I forgot, You Don’t.

  • http://ldswardchoir.freemusicformormons.com roger

    Jimmer is my hero!

  • ajarizona

    Jiminy Crickett….Big words for a guy who never earned a HIgh School Letter.

  • aj buckeye

    It doesn’t what conference you play in college basketball has alot of talent jimmer will be good in the NBA cause he will not go high in the draft an will most likely go to a team like Boston or the heat wear he will get to develop into a good player were as walker will go high to a team that like Cleveland have no support an just be average player anyways none that matters Ohio state is going to win it all you can’t stop there three point shooting baby GO BUCKEYES

  • Gatsby

    For the first time in my life, I agree with JTaylor21. I don’t care either about this guy, I care about the NBA and what can he do for me there? It’s cool, the guy can ball, but give anybody 37 shots and they’re gonna score the damn ball. He is Luke Ridinour at best.

  • juan

    What is with the blatant racism, you can only compare a white player to other white players?
    Why is this ok?
    I see stephan curry in jimmer. All the stereotyping should stay in your heads where it belongs, not in the comments.

  • JTaylor21

    Stalker alert!!!!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    Haters are gonna hate. Glorify the “L” and fail to enjoy a kid playing at a very high level right now.

    Hes a white kid playing for BYU, I think that has a lot to do with the doubters in my opinion

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    Give anybody 37 shots and they’re going to score? Do you really think that simple? You’re acting like he just shoots, he’s MAKING freaking 30 footers with consistency Kobe would be jealous of. Obviously, Jimmer is nowhere near Kobe and I love 24 but Jimmer is making shots at an incredible rate, I don’t care if he plays against LeBron or Freddy making shots from 30 feet with a hand in your face is the same everywhere.

  • dewser

    Are you kidding me? Why the hate; Everybody knows; nobody plays D in the NBA. Everyone wants a pure scorer and watch this kid throw shots from everywhere and sink them. Watch him split double and triple teams. Watch him score and score and score. Why the hate. Different people have different games. Not everyone can be Lebron with height and game. Look at d fish; dwilliams…. why stereotype…. one of the best college players ever!!! Figure out his PRO game when he gets there!

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    He’s a great college player, no doubt.
    But NBA defenses, like the Bulls’ or the Celtics’, are gonna make him wish he could stay at BYU forever.

  • K.a.


  • http://slamonline.com zoom

    @ Bryan, Juan, and all the other IDIOTS making this about race: First off, grow up with the stupid ‘hating’ comments. It’s a basketball blog. He’s a college player! No one is sitting around bashing hyped up 10 year olds. So yes, people will have opinions on how he might do in the league. His earning potential is irrelevent because we’re just talking about TALENT. Not race or money! That being said: I’m a huge supporter of local products, (though I will never, ever root for BYU as a whole), but I can’t get too excited about Fredette. Despite the nonsense being said about his race the fact of the matter is many bball fans don’t see such a high ceiling for this kid in the league. Comparing him to J.J. Redick isn’t racist; it’s accurate. They’re both gunners whose similar games are unlikely to translate at the pro level. Steph Curry is 10x the passer Fredette is. Not a good comparison. If people were being racist they’d have mentioned Adam Morrison, who’s a totally different type of player. Don’t even go there with the “if he was African American” bs. If you really want to keep it 100, Ricky Rubio is a prime example of ‘white hype’. If he were black, no one would tout him so highly. Hell, if Redick was a black kid he wouldn’t have gotten so much attention. People would have labeled Redick a chucker and Runio wouldn’t get NBA attention like he does now. Jimmer is an undersized shooting guard who plays no defense. He doesn’t even have the athleticism to make up for those deficiencies. Getting your racist panties in a bunch on a basketball blog because people are critiquing a college player’s pro potential is plain stupid. The kid is a college star. Period.

  • http://www.wfp.org/ Felix

    Walker averaging 5.4 boards at his height in the big east? He’s got heart. Deserves to be drafted. Jimmer absolutely scoring at will from 30 ft against double teams? he can score anywhere. Deserves to be drafted. Im not a BYU fan by any stretch but anyone can see the kid can play. BTW, nobody knows for sure how any prospects will do, cept for the real obvious like BGriffin, KDurant, Lebron. Do they have the heart to up their workload, up their film study, and work on the cerebral part of the game? Means more than conference they play in, etc. Jimmer reminds me most of Steph Curry IMO. Can’t quite come up w a comparison for Kemba, he seems unique IMO

  • http://slamonline.com zoom

    Also, Greg Paulus, Taylor Hicks, Josh Mcroberts, Kyle Singler, etc are perfect examples of over-hyped white players in recent years that were ranked ahead of a lot of other more talented guys. Black players can get salty about those guys but basketball isn’t about race.

  • JTaylor21


  • http://www.wfp.org/ Felix

    co- sign Zoom that Jimmer not quite the passer Steph Curry is. But I think he has a more complete, physical game than Reddick did at this point. Anyone doubting Walker because his height is wrong. Would you rather be like 3 inches taller or two steps quicker? I’ll take those two steps any day of the week

  • Coney Islander

    “Jimmer Fredette” is actually ancient Tibetan for “Zone buster”. I don’t know why people are sleeping on this kid. They say he can’t play D-can Steve Nash? He’s not an athlete, have Zach Randolph or Kevin Love won any dunk contests lately? He has something that will more often than not get you playing pro ball, a consistent 30+ foot jumper.

  • http://www.wfp.org/ Felix

    Athleticism can be overrated sometimes- two words- Gerald Green. IMO the dudes who have longest, best careers are the dudes with the most professional demeanor/work ethics, biggest hearts & BBall IQ’s irregardless of size, conference they play, etc…

  • http://www.wfp.org/ Felix

    In what seems like a weak draft (too me, don’t know what scouts think), clearly at the minimum both Kemba and Jimmer are in the top 60 prospects… don’t know if anyone this year is a can’t miss prospect

  • http://sfdjklf.com Jukai

    LOL did anyone read Zoom’s post?
    “THIS IS A BASKETBALL FORUM! People don’t underrate or overrate people because of their skin color! Btw, these players are overrated cause of their skin color:”

  • http://sfdjklf.com Jukai

    And neither Kemba or Jimmer will make a big impact in the league. Sorry.

  • http://dude Chukaz

    2 words: Adam Morrison. Adam morrison scored like crazy in college, went to a mid major, got compared to nba greats, got drafted high in the draft and now he’s out of the league. I think this kid will be better but he’s a gunner. He’s too small and not athletic enough. He could definitely be Reddick 2.0 but he won’t be a star. I don’t think he could be a starter. He’ll be a useful player for 15 yrs tho

  • JTaylor21

    I have two words; Harrison Barnes! I know that people think there’s no can’t miss prospect in this draft and they maybe right but if there’s any player that’s close to can’t miss, it’s Barnes.
    I just watched dude drop the most pts for a freshman in ACC tournament history and when you think about all the great players that have been through the ACC, that’s a big deal.

  • Benzito

    honestly, if jimmer fredette was african-american everyone would be hyping him up as the next big thing..

  • http://slamonline.com zoom

    @ Jukai: You missed the point genius. I listed those guys because they’re easy targets for silly “overrated because they’re white” comments. The race thing can go either way if someone insists on looking at it that way. There are overrated players of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. Didn’t think the point was too complicated but we can’t all have half a brain.

  • http://www.listerblister.blogspot.com adwilson87

    Adam Morrison not being in the league right now has nothing to do with his skill. He was averaging double figures his rookie season. Jimmer will play in the league. And he will contribute. He improve his all around game in the NBA just like Redick and countless others have. Compare him to Redick, Curry, Williams, Wes Matthews, Quentin Richardson, Korver, Danny Ainge, Dan Majerle it don’t matter!! He is who he is and already has made a name for himself.

  • ajarizona

    What a bucnh of losers commenting on this board. You twerps have never achieved anything of note in your lives and we are supposed to take your word for how Jimmaer and Kemba will do at the next level? to all you Uncle Rico’s out there…

    The facts are…. These guys are Stud-sthletic- Stars…You’re Not!
    They’ll be making Millions in a few short months…You Won’t! Now, remind us again why your opinion is worth anything?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    The whole thing he shoots 37 shots anyone can score thing is stupid to say, first of all its hard to get 37 shots off let alone hit 22 of them. Anyone who takes 37 shots and hits 22 of them the way he does is a crazy scorer so stop hating.

  • http://sfdjklf.com Jukai

    Zoom: “His earning potential is irrelevent because we’re just talking about TALENT. Not race or money!”
    You don’t even remember what you said. And you spelled irrelevant wrong.

  • Riggs

    kemba walker isnt gonna be good in the nba either.

  • http://www.listerblister.blogspot.com rainman10

    he can score, that counts for something. Maybe a few million.

  • http://zenguu.com Max

    @ Zoom, what about overhyped black players like Kwame Brown, Hasheem Thabeet? lol

  • http://slamonline.com GlobeTrotter

    Adam Morrison….Adam Morrison….Adam Morrison…

  • rkirby

    austin rivers is the next jimmer fredette

  • Scott

    2011 NBA draft is going to be garbage.

  • http://slamonline.com zoom

    @ Max: Don’t comment toward me until your reading comprehension improves. Thanks in advance. @ Jukai: Yea, you totally blew my argument out of the water. Amazing stuff there guy. Truly amazing. I mean, when all else fails point out a spelling error on a bball blog. You totally just won the whole argument lmfao.

  • http://thisisourzoo.blogspot.com utahbuyeragent

    Bear is six, he loves the BYU Cougars. Especially Jimmer Fredette. This is a video of him being upset that BYU is losing to SDSU. He cries that BYU has won them twice so how can they lose. Very funny!


  • chad

    For real give me Kemba the Lion King over dude, at least Kemba does other things besides chuck.

    wow what a ignorant ace comment…. u will take kemba, cause he does other things besides chuck….. you havent seen my man play not one time this year and thats flat out obvious…. just chuck…. please…. this dude has mad handles, a serious wicked cross… one of the sickest step backs iv ever seen…. he gets to the line second most in the country… he is strong as heck, which allows him to finish at the rack often… steve nash craftiness and cleverness, and when he gets doubled, like against san diego state, he dishes off nicely, hence his nine dimes…. in the league, i could see him being more filthy than in college….. i know im in the minority here, but at the next level he will not get the defensive attention he gets in college, allowing him to use defenders one on one… and when he dishes the ball at the next level, there will be no more blown lay ups like at byu where his teamates punish him with blown shots….in the league his dimes will get flushed… so many times this year, the non athleticism of byu’s big men have blown so many of his potential assist..

    you can have kemba; i promise you, Fredette is on a different level…. he is a machine…. and it will continue at the next level