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AND 1 Sponsoring PMBL All-Star Game at The Palestra

AND 1 is sponsoring the Philadelphia Mans Basketball League (PMBL) All-Star Game at the Palestra in Philadelphia today. Check out the details, courtesy of the PMBL:

The Philadelphia Mans Basketball League (PMBL) is proud to announce that it will host its Season Three All-Star Game and Showcase this Friday night, July 6th, at 7:00 p.m., at the most storied gym in Philadelphia, the Palestra, at 33rd and Spruce Streets on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Players will include Big 5 alums Bryant Coursey, Aron Cohen, Chet Stachitas, and Mark Zoller, among at least a dozen former college and professional players. Prior to the All-Star Game, there will be both a three-point competition and a slam dunk contest with some of the best shooters and athletes in Philadelphia. Whether you are a current PMBL player or are just interested in checking out the best that Philly hoops has to offer, come to the Palestra on Friday night and see what all the hype is about.

The PMBL, now in its third season, is composed of 26 teams and over 200 players who compete in ten games per season.  Before each season begins, tryouts for each player are conducted and draft kits are prepared by the PMBL’s front office team over the course of five weeks in order to best inform team general managers about the league talent prior to the live draft.

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  • The DDB

    Wow! It’s amazing that they were able to pull The Palestra for this…the league is terrible. There are a few guys in it who can actually play (usually one per team). The rest of the league is a bunch of guys that wouldn’t even get picked up in an open run where there were only 11 guys in the gym. Congrats to the guys running the PMBL for getting into the nation’s most storied gym. The ghosts of the Big 5 will be rolling in their grave though with some of the acts that will be taking the court!

  • steveakabeazy

    The DDB i disagree with you the league is impressive and well ran. It is the most legit league Ive seen in the Philly area. There are some talented players in the PMB LEAGUE. I actually went to the all-star event and it was awesome.

  • PhillyStreetBaller

    DDB. You’re way off base. This is by far the most competitive league in the area. I have a buddy who plays in this league and I saw a few games. The league hosts some serious talent and run very well. I’ve personally played in multiple leagues in the city and this one is the toughest by far. You’re a dumb sh!t.

  • Newsjunkie

    DDB why you mad? This league is as solid as it gets and last year’s championship was in the palaestra as well. How did you come to this conclusion? Come to any games? Doubt it probably just a troll so mission accomplished there.

  • kill yourself DDB

    DDB you obviously have no idea wtf you’re talking about . . . it may not be nba freakin talent but its hands down the best talent in philly for a rec league

  • PLW

    You havent made it if you dont have haters. Thanks DDB. It be nice to see you come to a few games or open runs before you talk so much trash. Last time I checked the only place you are going to get an entire starting line up of College/Pro Players is in the NBA or NCAA. I wonder what league in the city you think has half as much going on as the PMBL and this overflow of talent………….

  • rdfiii

    I wanna know where DDB can find a better league in the Philadelphia area. I was blown away by the talent level of the All Star game rosters and honestly the next 15 guys that werent picked would still make a super competitive team. Aside from the talent level its 200+ member family that happen to share the interest of basketball. You cant be a former player because you are just talking out of your ass about everything. Season 4 starts soon if you want to get educated.

  • older guy

    it is beautifully run , but there are some leagues where the talent is the same if not better . you have the hank gathers 35 and over and 40 and over leagues that feature former college and pro ballplayers. this is some of the best basketball in the city , also the john rankin league which cnsists of former college and current nba pros…kyle lowry , hakim warrick. in these 2 leagues that talent level overall is better but the pmb is definitely better organized .

  • older guy

    this is not to knock the pmb but it really comes down to how much you like to ball and where you ball . because if you get around the city to play you will see the talent level in the city from old to young .overall its very well put together with the stats , highlights , player bios , the gym locations , and the togetherness of the players . you just cant say its the best if you havent seen the rest

  • http://pmbleague.com Commish

    We are just proud to be on this website, we are proud to have built something that is uniting a thriving community of young professionals in Philadelphia. Other leagues may have more talent, but they don’t have more heart, dedication and organizational integrity. The Philadelphia Mans Basketball League is Philadelphia and like Philly we love haters. We welcome them with open arms. Philadelphia is a city where booooooo’s are used when boooing is needed, who cheers when the time is right and who wears our hearts on sleeves. People like DDB can’t see all the positivity we are bringing, but that his/her issue, we are doing work bringing organized, competitive, interactive and super fun hoops to the greatest city on earth and its a fact that everyone involved with the PMBL is enjoying every minute of it.

    #PMBLalwaysballin #RealRecognizeReal #HatersGonnaHate

  • Steven

    Have to say that the league is pretty well run but they still have a lot of issues to correct. For one the whole aspect d having replacement players makes the league pretty unfair. Secondly the refs they use are absolute trash. Besides those 2 te league is great and well run. Fix those 2 problems and theres no telling how far this leave could go.

  • Mikey

    I’ve seen the team rosters on the website. There are some very talented ex-D1-D2-D3 players who have plenty of juice left. However, there are 4 or 5 teams in which I’m very familiar with their players. Team captains draft for talent in the 1st and 2nd rounds, then it becomes very political as team captains then draft their buddies. This severely hurts the talent in the league! And, with all due respect, eighty percent of the league consists of players who didn’t even play Varsity or even JV HS basketball. They’re like the kids who got cut from their HS team who are now living out their youth fantasies with a decent handful of legit former ballers! Get real guys! The league is remarkably organized, well-ran, and looks like a great group of guys. And, you’re probably right in saying it is the best rec. league in town, despite what I consider a lack of talent. I tip my cap! But, until you can resolve the politics and purely develop the league on talent, us college grads. who at least balled in HS for 4 years, played AAU, and/or Sonny Hill etc. and continue to play the game, are quietly chuckling from the outside, as we know we can get better runs on playgrounds around the city! There are a lot of U. of Penn grads. in the league with pull, which is where the And1, the Palestra, and other hook-ups come from – it’s not necessarily because of your basketball prowess!

  • Anthony

    @Steven…You can always get out on the court either as a player or referee, and show us all how its done, instead of sitting on the sidelines talking smack. What’s going on in the PMBL is all positive, and if other leagues were smart, they’d do their best to emulate.