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Sometimes it’s enough to be first. There are many things that the original Air Jordan was not: comfortable, technologically advanced, uniquely designed (unlike virtually all that followed, the original Air Jordan was essentially an in-line Nike basketball shoe done up in Bulls colors). But it’s what it was that made it an all-time classic. What it was, was Michael Jordan’s first signature shoe.

Upon its release, the Air Jordan met with varying responses. The sneaker-buying public, they loved it. The shoe sold out everywhere, advertising posters were stolen across New York City and Nike catapulted to the forefront of the sneaker business. The NBA, not so much. The initial red-and-black version clashed with the other Bulls’ white sneakers, and the League fined Jordan every time he wore them. This, of course, simply made for another great commercial and added to the sales.

And the legend.

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  • I.Favors

    A true classic.

  • Juuustin


  • zhong lin

    the original jordan

  • george

    is there a chance dat jordans will end aftr xx3? hope not wat do u guys fink coz its a rumour ive often heard.

  • Gilbert0

    the best ever!!!!

  • Gilbert0

    This is the best shoe ever?!

  • http://my.nicekicks.com Patrick1979

    damn banned!!! why??? nowadays that shoe sold out in 3 minutes or should i say 1:45

  • http://www.myspace.com/gordaz23 Minnesota Monster


  • http://slamonline wyndell firmin

    the first air jordan shoe ever made.

  • http://www.nicekicks.com Air Jordans 4 LIFE

    nothing beats a classic or a legend…hands down one of the best sneakers of all time

  • Bulls Fan

    Are all of the past Jordans being re-released? Does anyone know which ones specifically will be coming back out and when?

  • crod6926

    classic shoes right there…..Bulls Fan the jordan 3′s are coming out on feb 24 in a red/white/black colorway they look sickkk

  • za904

    Every legend has a beging(NBA Street VOL.4 HOMECOURT)!

  • Ravioli from KCMO

    All I got 2 say, “Nothing like the first time, Jordans will blow ya mind, maybe if you bought a pair, feel da Air, you gonna fall in love with Jordans, no other shoes can compare!!!!! This is when it began ” 1 thru 11 flawless!$!$

  • http://aol.com Apollo

    The rock that greatness was built on.

  • John S.

    are those the best jordan ever? leave an answer. thank you.

  • lil b

    i just got me the new 3s in the red and flip there a tight shoe

  • http://www.nba.com Keny’e Bogan-EL

    These are the classics man.This is old school.

  • dew

    getin the red and black Is

  • shawry_LeBron

    i jst got the new jordans and they are maddness