Are the Jazz Headed for a Breakup?

by March 17, 2009

It’s in the back of everyone’s mind: “That’s something we think about a lot,” admitted [Deron] Williams. “In the back of our minds – we don’t talk about it – but we know we might not have the same team coming back next year. While we have this team in tact we need to try to make a run at a title this year. It’s tough. We have a lot of guys coming up on contracts…Millsap, Boozer, Memo, Ronnie Brewer…guys are going to need contracts and it’s going to be tough to pay everybody. We leave that up to the front office, but everybody knows we want them back here. Everybody knows we want Paul back, we want Booze back, we want Memo back, Kyle, guys that can opt out. We want them all back.”