Anything That Could’ve Went Wrong in Detroit Did, Says Ben Gordon

by August 17, 2011

The 2010-11 season was monumentally bad for the Detroit Pistons. They finished the campaign with a 30-52 record, but that’s not what made it so horrendous. No. The low-point was a player-led revolt against the coach and a ton of in-house fighting. In a recent interview with Jon Abrams of Grantland, shooting guard Ben Gordon says things were even worse than they appeared: “‘Last year, everything that possibly could have went wrong, went wrong,’ says Gordon. ‘We had a lot of talent. There were a lot of issues in the front office, on the floor, with coaches, with players. It was just a mess. People from the outside looking in don’t realize how bad it was.It wasn’t conducive for playing basketball at a high level and it showed… That was probably one of the lowest basketball moments I’ve ever been a part of.'”