Brian Shaw Knows He Might Soon Be Fired

by November 14, 2014

Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw looks up at the standings, sees his team’s 1-6 record, and he certainly knows what’s up.

Shaw acknowledged the hot seat he’s currently sitting on, and says his job is in danger if the Nuggets don’t quickly turn things around.

Denver is embarking on a three-game road trip starting Friday night in Indiana.

Per the Denver Post:

“It’s a tough situation that we’re in,” Shaw said. “If we don’t have that kind of effort from everybody, then we’re not going to ever get out of this situation, and I won’t survive it. And it’s that simple.”


“I have a coaching staff that I believe in,” Shaw said. “I have a front office that has given me an opportunity. They believe in me and I believe in them. They’re still supportive of me. I don’t know all of the answers. I don’t. I’ll be the first one to admit that.


“So, the people that are put in place for me to rely on for advice, for their opinion, even people that aren’t in this organization that are mentors to me that I can lean on and ask questions and what they would do in this situation; ultimately I still have to make the decision and point this in the direction that I want it to go in. […] And if it works, great. If it doesn’t, then my head is going to be the one that’s on the guillotine. I understand that. I accept that. It’s all part of this whole thing in what we do. As long as I’m willing to accept that, I’m going to go out swinging.”