Carlos Boozer: ‘A Realistic Goal for Us Is a Championship’

by September 02, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Last season, the Chicago Bulls won but one measly game during the Playoffs. Their newest acquisition, via free agency, expects them to win fifteen more postseason ballgames in 2011.

Carlos Boozer is aiming big this upcoming season, and tells ESPN that it’s championship or bust for the Bulls:

“A championship,” Boozer said. “I think a realistic goal for us is a championship. I think anything shorter than that we’re setting ourselves up to be shorter than what we can reach. I think [we have] potential to be a championship-level team.”

One of the reasons Boozer feels so confident is due to the fact that he gets to play with the Bulls’ 21-year-old All-Star point guard, Derrick Rose. “He’s tight,” Boozer said. “He can play. With our combination of what we have on our team, with myself in the post, with D. Rose at the point guard spot, Joakim [Noah] plugging that middle up, Luol Deng being very versatile on the wing, I think we have a team that can rival anybody. I think we’ll be able to compete against every team in the league.”

The Bulls are expected to be one of the very best teams in the Eastern Conference next season, though I’m not sure anyone — save for Carlos Boozer — truly expects them to challenge for a title.

Regardless of what the expectations may or may not be, the new guy has now issued the biggest challenge of all.