Carlos Boozer Looking Forward to Utah Fans’ Boos

by February 09, 2011

Boozer knows the folks who used to cheer him on will boo him lustily when he visits Utah as an opposing player tonight, but Carlos isn’t fazed. In fact, he says the negative energy serves him well. From ESPN: “When it comes to the reception he’s going to hear during Wednesday night’s game at Utah, Bulls forward Carlos Boozer has a simple philosophy he plans to stick to. ‘It’s all Booooz to me,’ he said after Tuesday afternoon’s practice. ‘I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be a fun night.’ … Despite the tension his arrival back in Utah may cause, Boozer welcomes any critics that may shout things in his direction on Wednesday night. ‘You need them to keep you motivated,’ he said. ‘Little do they know, haters motivate. Guys like me take that in stride and use that as fuel … it fuels you. I’m not one of those guys you can hate on and expect me [to be like] ‘Oh, you’re hating on me …’ No, I’m not like that. I get motivated.'”