Carlos Boozer … Stays?

by July 01, 2009

Well, that`s a bit of a surprise. And not everyone is pleased with his decision: “So Carlos Boozer is coming back. Whoop-de-do and hold the confetti. Boozer announced Tuesday that he will `opt in.` As any Jazz fan has known for months, Boozer had the option to leave the Jazz and chase bigger money or return to the Jazz for the final year of his paltry $12.6 million contract. So he’s back, and not because he wants to be here. He’s back because the economy stinks. He’s back because no other NBA team wants him at that price or anything close to it. He’s back for a lot of reasons, but not because he wants to win or because he wants to wear a Jazz uniform. The guy who said last December `no matter what, I’m going to get a pay raise,` didn’t get a raise.”