D-Wade, Enjoying the MVP Chatter

by March 06, 2009

And deservedly so: “In a rare moment of MVP candor, Wade said he has given serious reflection about how the honor should be determined. ‘Most Valuable player to his team, simple as that,’ he said. ‘I’m not taking anything from Kobe last year. I thought he was unbelievable. I thought he should have won MVPs in previous years. But I thought Chris Paul was the most valuable player to his team last year, from the way he played and what he meant to that team. You’ve got to take a guy off a team and say, ‘If he wasn’t on there, how would this team be?’ and see everything he brings to his team. That’s my interpretation of what a most valuable player is. But everyone has their different takes.’ Wade, though, stressed that elevating the Heat to a higher playoff seeds remains the priority. ‘The MVP, it’s always exciting talk, but it’s not a focal point of mine,’ he said. ‘My focal point is making sure this team gets over that hump. If we do what we’re supposed to do, then we can talk about it later. I’m going to continue to enjoy these last 22 games with people saying LeBron, Kobe and possibly D-Wade.'”