DeJuan Blair Feeling Healthy

by August 06, 2010

Good news for Spurs fans, as Blair is able to play the game without feeling any pain. From the Express-News: “DeJuan Blair grabbed the ball, gathered himself, then rose up for a dunk. Then he did it again and again. For the bedazzled grade-schoolers who had gathered for Spurs youth camp at the University of the Incarnate Word on Thursday, the display was well worth the price of admission. For skittish Spurs fans everywhere, concerned about Blair’s health after lower leg soreness kept the All-Rookie big man off the floor at last month’s Las Vegas Summer League, it was cause for hallelujah. ‘I said I wasn’t going to do it (dunk), but they got me,’ Blair said after succumbing to the campers’ peer pressure. ‘I’m glad they saw a couple. I didn’t think I could do it.’ In truth, Blair’s July ‘injury’ was hardly an injury at all. He had bruised his right calf in a workout prior to summer league, and the Spurs coaching staff in Vegas felt it best to hold him out as a precautionary measure. By the end of the Spurs’ week in the desert, Blair said, he felt spry enough to play.”