Dennis Rodman Confused By Lamar Odom’s Downward Spiral

by August 31, 2013

You know things are bad when Dennis Rodman, of all people, is questioning your life choices. The Worm doesn’t understand why Lamar Odom is going through his current nightmare. Per the Huffington Post: “I just don’t understand when you have so much money that you’re that bored that you really have to go to that extreme,’ Rodman said. ‘The sad thing about it is the fact that he’s not a bad guy. He used to come to my restaurants, clubs in Newport Beach a lot. He’s a good guy.’ Rodman added that Odom will now likely have to embark on a public relations campaign to clean up his image and redeem himself. ‘I don’t understand why he’s hiding in a hotel,’ he said. ‘You have a great life, you’re making so much money, you have a beautiful house, a beautiful family.'”