Deron Williams Says Head Coach Avery Johnson Likes to ‘Micro-Manage’

Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams confirms that his coach, Avery Johnson, is a bit of a control-freak. From the NY Daily News: “Fair or not, the rap on Avery Johnson in Dallas is he was a type-A control freak, the kind of coach who demanded without compassion, and who could prompt Dirk Nowitzki to describe the tenure as ‘a little dictatorship.’ […] ‘I’ve heard that,’ Deron Williams says, cracking a smile. ‘At times, he likes to micro-manage the game.’ Don’t let the revamped Nets roster or re-branding fool you, or even the anomaly that became Tuesday night’s fast-paced, entertaining 117-111 defeat. This is Johnson’s team. This is his system. It’s his vision of a defense that has developed into one of the league’s best, Tuesday’s effort notwithstanding.”