Dwyane Wade Has a Dancing Role in New Cameron Diaz Film

by November 25, 2011

The title of the film. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, makes it sounds like a typical barely-watchable Cameron Diaz romantic comedy, but curious NBA fans ought to know that Dwyane Wade has a small role in it. Per the Palm Beach Post, in a larger story about Wade and teammate LeBron James’ ultra-busy offseasons: “You can catch him at Miami International at any point,’ [Dwyane Wade’s business manager, Lisa Joseph,] says. She and Wade spoke in April about his summer focus, attempting to align his ambitions with the off-season custody schedule – two weeks at a time — he keeps for his two sons. Wade expressed a wish to get more into the fashion space. So, following the NBA Finals, he mingled with designers in Milan and Paris for Fashion Week, followed by a week in New York for meetings, a camp in Chicago with Bears star Devin Hester and an L.A. commercial shoot for T-Mobile. After hosting a camp and attending Chris Bosh’s wedding in South Florida, and enjoying Chris Paul’s bachelor weekend in Las Vegas, he spent 10 days in China for a Hublot watch launch as well as Jordan Brand and Gatorade promotion. That’s just through July. Into August. A GQ photo shoot in New York. His first adult basketball fantasy camp in Miami. Rehearsals and, after hosting Wade’s World weekend in Chicago, filming for a dancing cameo in the Cameron Diaz movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which Joseph says was the most nervous she’s seen him.”