Dwyane Wade Hit Michael Beasley in Effort to Help Him

by March 10, 2010

During Saturday’s win versus Atlanta, Dwyane Wade delievered a little shot to Michael Beasley’s chest. The punch (if you can call it that) jumpstarted Beasley, who went on to score 14 of his 22 in the fourth quarter. Yestetday, Wade explained his motiviation behind hitting Beasley.

According to the Miami Herald: “‘The main thing, of course, was the punch in the chest made headlines,’ Wade said of the blow he hopes still stings Beasley entering tonight’s game at Charlotte. ‘But the main thing that hit home with Michael is that I said, ‘I need you.’ I need him. Hearing me say that really set home for him. We really all need Michael to be a player. That’s what he’s gotta start doing.'” … “‘Hopefully, he gets it,’ Wade said. ‘If he don’t, we’ll still try to make him get it, because we believe in him. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t try to say nothing to him. But we’re on him because we know how much potential he has. I can’t keep (punching him), because one time, he’s going to hit me back. Y’all seen his hands?'”