Dwyane Wade: LeBron James’ Post Game Improving

by September 29, 2011

Following a few summer workouts with his teammate, Dwayne Wade is encouraged by the progress LeBron is showing in the post. From the Sun-Sentinel: “For now, Wade said he is taking the long view with James, vowing to make their somewhat overlapping games compatible. ‘We’re stuck together,’ he said with a smile during his SportsCenter interview. ‘We’re married together for the next five years, so we want to do our best.’ Wade again downplayed concerns about the duo’s similar styles. ‘I think me and LeBron just got to come back as better individual players,’ he said. ‘I think time has helped and will help us as players.’ James put a bit of his post game on display in an exhibition this past weekend in Philadelphia and Wade said he finds such growth encouraging. ‘Well, I’ve worked out with him a few times this summer, so I’ve seen that the progress is going well,’ he said. ‘I mean, obviously he has the ability to be one of the best post players in the game.'”