Dwyane Wade to Play Through Swollen Knee in Game 7

by June 20, 2013

Despite his initial reluctance to discuss the injury, Dwyane Wade eventually opened up about his left stiff and swollen left knee. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Wade admitted Wednesday his left knee was swollen and stiff, but says the only thing he can do now is continue to play through the pain. ‘There’s one game left,’ he said. ‘Whatever you have inside of you, you muster it up. You give it. So I’ll be fine.’ That attitude comes as no surprise to Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. ‘He’s in whatever-it-takes mode. And that’s what this series is about, the competition,’ Spoelstra said. ‘It’s not just statistics. It’s not all the other storylines. It’s about the competition against an equal opponent. And Dwyane thrives in those situations, because he can impact it in so many different ways. Not just scoring, but the defense, impact plays, so forth. He’ll be able to find a way to compete for one more game.’ […] ‘Early in (Game 6), I took a good shot right on my left knee, and that’s the knee I had surgery on,’ Wade said. ‘That kind of trauma to it at that moment, it just swelled up. At halftime, I was trying to do as much as I [could], treatment. I needed a certain amount of time, so I told them to make sure they started Ray [Allen] in that quarter. I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to. I just tried to do whatever I could.'”