Dwyane Wade Trained With a Martial Arts Black Belt

by December 08, 2011

Dwyane Wade enlisted the help of a new trainer during the offseason/lockout, a man who has trained Army Rangers and Navy SEALS. They worked to avoid injury, while making Wade a leaner and stronger player. Reports the Miami Herald: “Thanks to [Ed] Downs, owner of TERF Athletic Facility on SW 81st Terrace in Miami, Wade has trimmed weight off his frame while also increasing his strength, explosion, quickness and balance. The end goal is a body that can stand up to the NBA’s abuse as Wade, who is nearing his 30th birthday, begins the second half of his career. Wade will weigh in Friday at 230 pounds, noticeably leaner than last season, and will register a mere 3.5 percent body fat. Wade’s total body fat was 4.8 percent when he began working with Downs. ‘I just wanted to be lean,’ Wade said. ‘Every year I’ve played at some kind of different weight, from my first year to last year. But for me it’s always about how lean can I be. This year I want to play at a different weight than I played at least year.’ With a workout regimen focused on improving Wade’s core strength, Downs put the Heat’s superstar through a demanding routine that included training with large, rubber bands and balancing discs. In offseasons past, Wade has focused on training with free weights. Downs introduced a new approach. ‘Yes, it’s core training but I wanted him to be able to control himself in the air at the same time,’ Downs said. ‘I was tired of seeing him falling on the ground all the time. So the better his balance, the more he lands safely on the ground. We all know he can do all the moves, but I want him to land on his feet and avoid injury.’ … Downs says Wade’s unique athleticism reminds him of a combination of Allen Iverson quickness and Baron Davis’ explosion. Downs has trained both Iverson and Davis, in addition to other NBA stars. ‘I truly compare [Wade] to an F-22 because the way that aircraft has to be able to maneuver in the air,’ Downs said. ‘All the components of power and maneuverability were already there when we started working. Now we’re transforming him into an F-35. Not many people know about the F-35 yet, but it’s a better F-22 with more explosive moves.'”