Eddy Curry MIA During Knicks’ Summer League

Summer League ended without New York seeing or hearing much from their big fella. From the NY post: “The Knicks ended their Las Vegas summer league yesterday and Eddy Curry was never seen. And he’s tough to miss. Curry blew off summer league the way he has blown off the last three seasons of his Knicks career. Knicks officials were told he would come and never heard a reason why he did not. Curry is believed to be holed up in Chicago, where his wife recently gave birth. After Curry played just 10 games in the last two seasons, the Knicks would have loved to see him out on the floor competing with the young prospects to get some basketball under him.  But at the very least, Curry should have been here meeting with the coaches and working out for a few days with the other Knicks, especially newcomers Amar’e Stoudemire, Anthony Randolph and Russian center signee Timofey Mozgov. Wilson Chandler also was on hand. Coach Mike D’Antoni put a positive spin on the Curry’s absence, but gave a very clear warning: He had better be ready in late September, or his time in Milan and Paris (where the Knicks will play preseason games at the start of October) will be as a tourist — not a basketball player. ‘I’d be stupid if not being here would sway it,’ D’Antoni told The Post. ‘But he’s got to be ready when training camp opens. He’s got to be ready.”‘