Eddy Curry Ready to Make His Return to the Court

by January 19, 2012

Concrete proof that Eddy Curry is still in the NBA could come tonight during the Lakers/Heat game in Miami, according to the big fella and his coach. The Miami Herald explains, in hilariously dramatic fashion: “Like a great mountain shedding snow during a thaw, streams and rivers flowed down Eddy Curry’s face and body in torrents. So vast was the pool of sweat surrounding this giant on Wednesday that team trainers had to mop up the water hazard after he finally finished talking with reporters. Curry hasn’t played in a game since 2009. It has been a long and dormant winter, but the rebirth of his career is close at hand. ‘I can definitely touch it,’ Curry said. ‘I can see it … It’s going to feel great,’ Curry said of his return to the court. ‘It’d feel even better if I can do a Mike Miller and just go 6 for 6. I’m not anticipating that. That’s a pretty tough act to follow.’ Once a lottery pick, Curry found himself entirely out of basketball last season and his return to form has been a difficult process. Officially, Curry is still day-to-day after straining his hip flexor at the start of training camp. The pain is gone, says Curry, and now the only thing holding him back is the cautious approach of the Heat’s training staff. ‘If it doesn’t happen [Thursday] or this week, then it’s soon,’ said coach Erik Spoelstra, close to the vest as always about the status of his players.”