Erik Spoelstra: Last Night Dwyane Wade Was ‘Able to Dig Deeper’

Miami guard Dwyane Wade’s knee has been a problem for seemingly the entire season, to the point that many believe it has deeply affected his play. Prior to last night’s 32-point explosion in the Heat’s 109-93 beatdown of San Antonio, Wade had been averaging 14.3 points per game in the Finals and 14.2 points per game overall in the Playoffs. In a conference call with members of the media today, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra told reporters that Wade “doesn’t wanna talk about his health,” but that “last night, he was able to dig deeper and go to another place that we needed.”

Spoelstra also praised the Spurs, saying, “We felt that they were the best team in the West all season long,” and mentioning that they’re the best passing team in the NBA. Spoelstra also mentioned that this “should be contested, should be a tough series,” and that “the further you get [in the Playoffs], the better the teams are. And the more you play the better teams, the less chance you have of going on a run.”—Bill DiFilippo