James Worthy Responds To Kevin Durant Calling Him Shady: ‘He Was Really Misled’

by April 24, 2017
james worthy

Back in April, Kevin Durant called James Worthy “shady” for praising him in person and later trashing him in the media.

Confused by KD’s comments, Worthy found the interview in question, and deduced that Durant was “misled” by his friend. Durant’s name was only mentioned in passing by the host much later in the segment.

Speaking on the incident for the first time this weekend, Worthy attempted to set the record straight.

“I did some verification and I found the tape where he thought I bashed him… and unfortunately he was really misled by his friend.”


“All I was asked is, ‘What do you think about players [going to contenders]?’ And I said it was unfamiliar during my time.


“I said I couldn’t imagine Magic [Johnson] calling up [Larry] Bird or Michael [Jordan] calling up Isiah [Thomas].


“But I said, Times have changed. And I said, I’m OK with it. So I’m very disappointed.”

Worthy said that he sent the tape to the Warriors to help clear things up with Durant, who Worthy called “one of my favorite players.”

Here’s KD’s original comments on the Bill Simmons Podcast:

Kevin Durant: James Worthy Did ‘Some Shady Sh*t to Me’