Jason Kidd Blames Deron Williams’ Shooting Not Avery Johnson

Deron Williams is going through a terrible and prolonged slump, which has led to some finger-pointing and increased tension in Brooklyn. With most of the scorn now being directed D-Will’s way, New York Knicks point guard Jason Kidd says the major issue is Williams not making shots, and that coaching isn’t to blame. Per the NY Daily News: “Jason Kidd and Deron Williams have a lot in common, starting with a friendship, an agent, a basketball position and summer homes in the Hamptons. They’ve also both played under Avery Johnson, and it seems they’ve shared a discomfort with the coach’s system. But Kidd, who clashed with Johnson during their short tenure together in Dallas, said Williams’ struggles this season aren’t about play-calling. ‘I don’t think it has anything to do with the coach,’ Kidd said. ‘I think it’s just a matter of getting comfortable making shots. Also, he has new teammates. He’s got to get used to a new crew. It’s always a growing period. He’s a grownup. He’ll figure it out. All things don’t go well right away sometimes. He’s just going through a struggle shooting the ball, but he’s one of the best at what he does, so he’ll work through it.'”