Kobe Bryant Wants Help for Dwyane Wade

by March 05, 2010

Kobe has been in Dwyane’s situation, and knows how tough it can be to try and carry a team. CBS reports: “After scoring 39 points and hitting the overtime-forcing jumper in his sixth game back from a five-game absence with a nagging assortment of injuries, Bryant’s most astute observation was not about his team, but about the opponent. The guy who needs a little help was wearing a Miami Heat jersey Thursday night. ‘He had 14 assists, but there’s still too much on him,’ Bryant said after Wade did it all – 27 points and 14 assists – in Miami’s 114-111 overtime victory over the Lakers. ‘He literally had to make every play, had to try to penetrate and pitch in. That can wear you down. So hopefully, he’ll get somebody who can step up and make plays and give him a couple of plays off.’ This is a sensitive topic in these parts, and also in a certain city on the Cuyahoga River where free agency D-Day looms. Every crucial Miami basket Thursday night came from Wade or resulted in a play he set up with his play-making dominance. You watch him will his .500 team to a victory over the defending champs, and you wonder: Damn, how good would he be with some help?”