Lamar Odom: Socialite

by June 19, 2009

Lamar is enjoying his moment in the sun: “Odom has been part of some impromptu celebrations since the Lakers won the championship. He went to a Los Angeles restaurant where Lakers fans stood at their tables and started clapping when they saw him arrive. He also went to the grocery store and experienced the same thing, ‘about 200 people in the supermarket, clapping,’ he said. During his exit meeting, Odom was asked to ‘stay in shape’ during the off-season, he said. ‘They know I’m a socialite,’ he said. ‘We win a championship, I’m 29, decent-looking. When we go out, I’m well-received, know what I’m saying? They want me to take care of myself and sleep correctly, stay in the weight room and stay strong. That’s a good sign. That means they want me back.'”